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Process and analyze data at the edge

Your business operates physical assets that create data and complexity. Network and cloud connections are not available. Now you can connect, process, and analyze your distributed data where it lives. Solve IT and OT challenges and make decisions in real time, creating value when you use all the data that’s important to your business.

Cisco Edge and Fog Fabric is now part of Cisco Kinetic.

Features and Benefits

Open architecture

Our modular platform supports a wide variety of distributed and Internet-of-Things (IoT) use cases, from simple to complex. You can normalize and modify data as it flows to convert or customize it for your operations.


Present data consistently and include micro services from third parties as your business grows. Processing is done where most appropriate. Data filtering, aggregation, and compression are performed at the edge, in the fog, or at the center.


With a well-tested system, validated design, and proven approach, our Edge Fog Fabric is ideal for IoT systems that must be monitored, managed, and secure, with high availability. 

Control and action

Perform data collection and action in a flexible and repeatable manner. Edge Fog Fabric connects disparate data where it’s needed, based on content, to reduce complexity and cost. Implement control and automation with a pre-defined policy architecture. 


Expand your network’s abilities without impacting bandwidth. Streaming data is valuable for monitoring and control where a response is crucial.  Over time, analytics can be used to improve production, optimize processes, and save on costs. 

Enable hyper-distributed deployments

Cisco Edge Fog Fabric offers a new approach for edge and fog processing. 

IoT data is severely under-used

"Most IoT data are not used currently. For example, only 1 percent of data from an oil rig with 30,000 sensors is examined. The data that are used today are mostly for anomaly detection and control, not optimization and prediction, which provide the greatest value."

McKinsey & Company "The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype." June 2015

Evaluating the vendors

Streaming analytics are critical to building contextual insights for apps. Who’s best at it?

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