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Cisco Crosswork Network Insights Trial Guide

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Updated:March 13, 2020

Available Languages

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    (841.9 KB)
    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:March 13, 2020

Table of Contents



The Cisco Crosswork Network Insights™ platform addresses Routing Event Security and Awareness challenges by providing comprehensive global monitoring and analysis capability and unprecedented insights across a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Trial Overview

Cisco Crosswork Network Insights is a hosted application that provides rich analysis, visualization, and alerting on actionable network events. Cisco Crosswork Network Insights operates as a hosted service and helps you assess the routing health of your network. This guide provides you with the process necessary to start a 30 day Trial.

The trial guide is separated into three parts

       I.         The Signup and Activation Process

     II.         The Express Setup Process

    III.         Information about the Trial

The Signup and Activation Process

Ensure you have a Cisco.com user account

Crosswork Network Insights uses Cisco’s One Identity Federated authentication framework.

Users must have the ability to log into Cisco.com before trying to access Crosswork Network Insights.

If you have an existing Cisco.com account, any existing account type will be permitted to access Crosswork Network Insights. We do not require any other form of Cisco Contract Number or special access to be associated to the Cisco.com account

To Create a new Cisco.com account use the following link:


If you have an existing account, but of lost or forgot how to access the account, please use the following link


Before moving forward please login to cisco.com and verify the following information

On Cisco.com under “My Account” on the top right of the screen

       I.         Select “Manage Profile”

     II.         On the “Profile Management” page

    III.         Locate and validate your Email address & Username

Use this link to directly access your Cisco.com Profile information.


Once authenticated to Cisco.com, the following example shows the legacy Cisco.com username as well as the new Single Sign-on Email address that should be used for authentication to https://crosswork.cisco.com

Related image, diagram or screenshot

Complete the Trial Sign-up Form on Cisco.com

Please go to the following page on Cisco.com and complete the Web Form


When you complete this form, you will be sent a signup activation email for Crosswork Cloud

Look for your Invitation Email

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

You will receive an email sent to the address registered in your Cisco.com user profile. This email will contain instructions for accessing the Trial, please note this is a two-step activation process.

Validate your Cisco.com Account for the Trial

Open the “Click Here” to confirm your trial in the email from the previous step.

Before you can create your trial tenancy you will need to authenticate using the account credentials, we identified in the previous steps.

Login with your Cisco.com account

Related image, diagram or screenshot

Once you have successfully authenticated you will be presented with a new page that will

request you tick the box to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions

select the Request button to proceed.

Related image, diagram or screenshot

The last part is to click on the Finish button, we will then send you a second activation email.

Related image, diagram or screenshot

A second Email will now be sent to your Cisco.com account email address so that we can validate your account.

Activate your Trial

The next step is to activate your Trial, using the email that was generated from the previous validation finish step.

The email will have the subject “CCNI Activation link”

The email should look like the following

Related image, diagram or screenshot

The Account owner for the Cisco.com account should click on the link and it will enable them to activate their Customer Tenancy.

This user will automatically be the first Admin for the Customer Tenancy

All other users must be manually added in the Settings > User management section of the web interface

Open the activation link, this will require you to authenticate again.

Related image, diagram or screenshot

Setup the Trial Tenancy

Once you have completed the authentication to the activation link, you will be directed to a page that will require you to provide an Organization Name.

Related image, diagram or screenshotInput the name and click Next

Next, set your personal profile preferences, and click Submit

Related image, diagram or screenshot

This completes the activation process; at the end of the process you will be taken to the Default Dashboard screen. The application is now ready for configuration.

Related image, diagram or screenshot

The activation process is now completed, the next step is to configure the service.

Trial Express Setup Process

Start the Express Setup Workflow

If you are unsure at any time about how a feature works, please refer to the configuration guide on Cisco.com that is located here:

Click Here for Cisco.com Guide

One you have successfully logged into the Crosswork Network Insights portal you should be presented with a new Tenancy that has not been configured. The main landing page should contain the following content:

Related image, diagram or screenshot

Go ahead and select the “Express Setup” Link that is indicated by the black arrow above.

If at any time, you need to return to the Express Setup page, you can do so from the Dashboard screen or from the Help & Support menu

Enter an ASN in the Express Setup

The Express Setup Link will trigger a 4-step workflow.

Step 1 – Select an ASN

Input a real internet visible Autonomous System Number, if you don’t have one readily available, we recommend starting with the Cisco ASN which is 109, then click Next

Related image, diagram or screenshot

Step 2 – Subscribe to Prefixes

Now tick the box adjacent to the Prefix column header to add all of these prefixes to the policy and then click Next.

Related image, diagram or screenshot

Step 3 – Endpoint Notification Setup

Add an email notification endpoint to the policy by using the New Endpoint button and complete the verification process. Once the endpoint is created click the Next button.

Related image, diagram or screenshot

Step 4 – Review and Confirm

The last step is to Review and Confirm the settings. When you ad satisfied that this appear correct click the Submit button.

Related image, diagram or screenshot

This workflow will have created two monitoring policies for the prefixes within the ASN that was selected. To review the Policy, click on the Policies menu option on the left of the screen.

This completes the configuration phase of the trial

Information About the Trial

Thank you for participating in Cisco Crosswork Network Insights trial.

There are some basic guidelines we would like followed during the trial

       I.         Your Trial will default to 1 month, if you need longer please request an extension.

     II.         Please do not invite persons outside your organization to use or demonstrate the Software

    III.         Please recognise and accept the Cisco Cloud Offer Terms and SLA that are provided in the trial Package.

Related image, diagram or screenshot

What happens if I have problems or feedback during the Trial?

If you have completed all of Step 1 of the Trial Activation process, you can submit a help request via the Submit Product Feedback form from within the application.

On the left menu select

Ø Help & Support Ø Submit Product Feedback

In the feedback form select Other Issue, and please input your issue.

We will reply to your request via email in a timely manner.

If you have not completed Step 1 of the Trial activation, please email ask-cni@cisco.com, and one of our team will follow-up on your support request.

What happens at the end of the trial process?

·       Your Organization Tenancy will continue to operate for a maximum of 1 months from the beginning of the trial.

·       At the end of the Trial, your Organization Tenancy will be blocked from new access and all notifications will be disabled.

·       After another 1 months, the configuration will be removed.

·       We reserve the right to discontinue the service at any time during or after the trial.

What are the stages of the trial?

·       The objective of the trial tasks is to familiarise your users with the overall operation and configuration of Cisco Crosswork Network Insights

·       At the end of the Trial process a user should be confident in understanding the functionality of the application and be able to make a purchasing decision.

·       If at any time, you are unsure about how to use the product or require additional functionality, you should use the feedback section to raise a request.

What are my responsibilities for the trial?

·       We ask that you do not disclose information about the product or your use of the product to third parties without explicit permission from Cisco Systems Inc.

What are Cisco’s responsibilities for the trial?

·       We will keep your data and usage private as defined in the Cloud Offer Terms located here:


·       We will ensure that at the end of the trial, your data and usage information will be securely removed, unless you indicate you are intending to purchase the product.

·       We may provide changes to the User Interface (UI) during the trial.

·       We will respond to your support requests in a timely manner.

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