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SAP Data Hub on Cisco Container Platform

Quickly create powerful data pipelines

Data Hub is SAP's big data visualization and management tool. It allows users to see data from across their company's entire data landscape, pulling it from sources like Hadoop, Amazon S3, and SAP HANA and ERP. And the quickest way to get it up and running on-premises is by deploying it in conjunction with Cisco Container Platform.

Features of SAP Data Hub on Cisco Container Platform


Turnkey installation

Consider your container challenges solved. Cisco Container Platform makes it easy to configure, deploy, secure, scale, and manage containers, so you can take advantage of modern enterprise applications like SAP Data Hub.



Validated architecture

Cisco and SAP have worked together to build an end-to-end validated and tested architecture so you can run your production-grade SAP Data Hub environment safely on-premises with the option to also run it in hybrid cloud mode.



Integrated support model

No need to search community boards for a fix when you run into challenges. With Cisco Container Platform, you get the same enterprise-grade support for Kubernetes that you're accustomed to getting with other Cisco solutions.



Compatible with non-containerized workloads

If you run Cisco Container Platform on HyperFlex you won't need to create a new silo for your Kubernetes platform. You can run it in the same stack.


Get the details

SAP Data Hub on CCP was the subject of Episode 50 of the Cloud Unfiltered podcast.

Deployment options

Data Hub on CCP

100% upstream native Kubernetes with built-in security and load balancing. Supports VMs, bare metal.

Data Hub on CCP and HyperFlex

Hyperconverged solution contains enterprise-grade networking and security with persistent storage.

News and events

Latest release of SAP Data Hub

This announcement shares details about the availability of the Data Hub/CCP solution.

Problem solvers with shared goals

Kip Compton weighs in on why Cisco partnered with SAP to bring this solution to market.

Modern data processing challenges

Dr. Lars Dannecker explains how SAP data hub and CCP address these challenges.

Cisco, SAP, and Google team up

Dave Cope, Bob Krentler, and Lars Dannecker discuss the validation process as well as SAP’s use of Kubernetes.

Tech Field Day: SAP Data Hub

Lars Dannecker explains why SAP is going after big data, why they’re partnering with Cisco, and what they see as the key use cases.

A roadmap to DevOps future

Torsten Volk writes about Cisco’s new DevOps-focused roadmap and calls out SAP Data Hub on CCP and HyperFlex as an example.