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Blueprints for Cloud Applications

Learn to configure multitier applications with Application Stack Accelerator. (12:21 min)

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Blueprints for Cloud Applications
Blueprints for Cloud Applications

Take Cloud Management Beyond IaaS

Cloud-based service deployments are increasing as organizations experience agility and speed through their cloud environments. Initiatives are extending cloud beyond infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to broader uses, such as multicloud and DevOps. These initiatives require robust, extensible cloud management, which Cisco Cloud Accelerators provide.

Cisco Cloud Accelerators support the needs of IT by extending cloud management capabilities significantly. They reduce the time and simplify the processes required by solution architects and developers to test and evaluate new uses.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) offers cloud accelerators for faster consumption and adoption of new cloud technology. These accelerators are delivered as specialized, compact solution sockets, and they come with the right application programming interface (API) code for quick integration into the IAC front-end user catalog and portal.

Two types of cloud accelerators are available:

  • Cisco-developed accelerators
  • Customer and developer accelerators provided for community use

Cisco-developed cloud accelerators help ensure alignment with IAC product strategy. The most prominent solutions may be included in upcoming IAC releases. These accelerators also have the full backing and support of the Cisco IAC organization when you need assistance or have questions.

Multicloud Accelerator Kit

Multicloud Accelerator Kit

Learn how to broker interactions with multiple cloud infrastructures (6:26 min)

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Some of the most popular cloud accelerators include:

  • Configuration management automation using Puppet Labs or Opscode (Chef) scripts
  • Multicloud management, which allows IAC to provision, orchestrate, and manage OpenStack, vCloud Director and vCenter, and Amazon EC2
  • Integration of Cisco UCS Director, allowing for provisioning and management of physical storage

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