Trust Portal FAQ

Q: What is the Cisco Trust portal?

A: The Cisco Trust portal is a self-service tool that allows on-demand access to public Cisco security, trust, data protection and privacy compliance documents. The Trust Portal's readily accessible documentation enables you to better manage security and compliance due diligence requirements for your organization.

Use the Cisco Trust portal to download Cisco security and compliance documents, including International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and System and Organization Controls (SOC) certifications and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Q: Who has access to the Trust portal?

A: Cisco Public documents are accessible to anyone visiting You'll need to log into the portal with a valid Cisco ID in order to:

  • Save documents via the “My collection” folder
  • Access confidential documents

Q: How do I locate my contract ID or bill to ID to complete my registration?

A: Please check with your company’s procurement department or your company’s department that deals with Cisco specific service, support contracts and other purchase orders to locate your contract and/or bill to ID.

Q: What is a Trust Package?


Each Trust Package is a curated bundle of certifications and compliance documents that may include SOC/ISO certifications, Privacy Data Sheets (GDPR), penetration tests, risk questionnaires, and more. Product and services trust packages are available.

Q: What document types are available for an audit?


  1. Assurance artifacts
  2. Certifications
    • Reports
    • Privacy data sheets and Data Privacy maps
    • Industry standard templates
  3. Country regulation and local law
    • Policies and standards
    • Security Compliance documentation

Q: How do I access the portal?

A: Visit and sign in using your (CCO) ID. If you do not have a CCO ID, visit our Getting Started page.

Q: I’ve already clicked to accept the terms and conditions, why am I being asked to do this again?

A: The click to accept terms and conditions are valid for two weeks. You are required to accept these conditions every two weeks to view confidential documents.

Q: How do I review the terms and conditions again?

A: You can find the terms and conditions below. Once a user accepts, they would not see these again until you are required to renew two weeks from your last acceptance.

The Cisco Information you have requested through the Cisco Trust portal is the Confidential Information of Cisco Systems, Inc. This Cisco Information is provided for the sole purpose of enabling You to understand and assess the security of Cisco and/or its Offers. You are required to hold Confidential Information in confidence, protect it from unauthorized disclosure and may not disclose it to any third-party, except for your employees, affiliates or contractors working on your behalf, and when disclosure is required by applicable law or regulation. You may not remove or alter Cisco’s confidentiality markings on the Confidential Information.

By clicking “Accept” (below), you acknowledge and accept these terms as a condition of the receipt of the requested Information.

Q: How can I search within the portal?

A: Users can search for information in the Trust portal through either a manual freeform text search, or by navigating the dropdown menus for Solution Category and Products & Services.

For example, if you were seeking all public security and compliance documentation for Cisco Webex Teams, you could:

  • Enter a freeform text search for “Webex Teams”


  • Choose the Solution Category “Collaboration,” then select “Cisco Webex Teams” from the responsive Products & Services dropdown menu.

Q: How can I filter compliance documentation?

A: Documents within the Trust portal can be filtered by:

  • Document type
  • Language
  • Region
  • Industry
  • Solutions Category
  • Product & Services

Q: How do I save documents?

A: Public documents are downloadable. Documents requiring NDA are downloadable by HTML link only. All documents can be saved using the "My collection" feature. This creates folder(s) associated with your Cisco ID. (User login is required to this feature).

Q: How do I save a document to the "My collection" folder?

A: In order to save a document, you first must be logged in with a valid Cisco ID.

Once you're logged in:

  • Select the document(s) you wish to save.
  • Click "Add to my collection."
    • You have the option of adding the document(s) to an existing folder, or creating a new folder:
      1. If you already have an existing folder to which you'd like to add a document, choose the existing folder from the "My collection" tab, then select "Add."
        • You'll see a confirmation that "Document(s) added to folder successfully."
      2. To create a new folder:
        • Select "Create new folder"
        • Enter the new folder name and description.
        • Select "Create and Add."
        • You'll see a confirmation that "Document(s) added to folder successfully."

Q: How do I view documents saved to the "My collection" folder?

A: You must first be logged in. Click "View my collection," select the desired folder.

Q: Can I share a link to a document?

A: Yes; once selected, you can copy and share a document's URL from the address bar.

  • For recipients to be able view shared confidential documents, they will be required to authenticate/login in with their own valid Cisco ID.

Q: Can I share a link to a group of filtered documents?

A: Yes; once you've selected your desired filters, you can copy and share the filtered URL from the address bar.

Q: Why can’t I download?

A: While Cisco Public documents are downloadable to your personal device, NDA-restricted documents are available only as an HTML link accessed via the web and users must be signed in and authenticated to view.

Q: Need a BAA?

A: Request one here.