Integrated workforce experience transforms IT culture and enables centralized knowledge and information sharing.

Cisco IT has a vision to lead every move Cisco makes with networked IT, unifying the business and technology through a services-oriented organization. To enable this vision, it is imperative that Cisco IT users can easily connect with people, information, and business processes that are needed to work more efficiently.

Users need an environment that enables them to collaborate easily and allows the freedom to share knowledge and resources, lets them find, organize, and share information efficiently, and provides the ability for users to locate and interact with subject matter experts across the company quickly. Furthermore, this environment must be supported by the appropriate technology, processes, and culture.

Ultimately Cisco IT will develop and nurture an open, borderless, transparent community that works cross functionally and geographically to drive productivity. This case study focuses on the adoption and culture change required by Cisco IT to move toward this transformed integrated workforce experience (IWE).

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