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Cisco recommends multiple layers of security technologies to prevent a single configuration error from jeopardizing the security of the network. Cisco also recommends operational processes that ensure prompt application of software patches, timely installation of new security technologies, and performance of regular security audits and assessments.

As you begin to design your network, rank the importance of your network assets and services by considering these factors:

What keeps you in business?

How do you make money?

Does loss of data or privacy equal lost money?

What about regulatory compliance?

How do you protect your critical data?

Where does voice fit?

Then consider the potential threats to your business, which may include:

Toll fraud


Address spoofing

Fake caller identity

Media tampering

Denial of service

SPAM, SPIT (SPAM over IP telephony), and SPIM (SPAM over Instant Messaging)

In addition to the operational processes, advanced security technologies should be reviewed and considered. Security technologies can be categorized as follows:

Network security

Virtual LANs (VLANs)

Access control lists (ACLs)

Stateful firewalls with protocol aware inspection

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)


Dynamic Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) inspection

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) snooping

Port security

Network intrusion prevention

Host security

Cisco Security Agent

Third-party anti-virus software

Host-based firewalls

Hardened operating systems

User authentication, authorization, and accounting security

Phone image authentication

Multilevel administration privileges

Call detail reporting

For more information about Cisco end-to-end security designs, see the SAFE Blueprint. Opens new window For more details about Cisco integrated network security solutions, see the following resources:

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