Cisco Unified Communications System for Contact Center Release 6.0(1)

Introduction to Implementation

Introduction to Implementation

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The goal of implementation is to introduce the new system into the network with the least amount of disruption and the highest level of interoperability with the existing network. To minimize downtime, an essential component of this process is the implementation plan.

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Before You Begin

You should understand how to implement Cisco Unified Communications. For more information, see Cisco Unified Communications Implementation Opens new window.

Before you begin installing components, you should have a completed implementation plan from the detailed design. Use the equipment list and site specification from the detailed design to do the following:

Order and stage equipment

Perform a detailed site survey

Create site-specific installation guidelines

Your implementation plan should include:

Deployment strategy

Network maps and topology diagrams

Installation and commissioning tests

Site survey results

List of all devices to be installed

Installation guidelines

Configuration worksheets

Test and turn-up plan

When You Are Done

Components are configured and ready to test:

For basic standalone operation

For interoperability in your applications

Acceptance Test Plan is completed

Major Tasks in This Process

Order Equipment

Install and Configure System Components

Prepare Your Network for Troubleshooting and Recovery Opens new window

Conduct User Acceptance Test