Cisco Unified Communications System for Contact Center Release 6.0(1)

Install and Configure System Components

Install and Configure System Components

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When implementing a new Cisco Unified Communications system, create a site-specific installation plan for your team. Describe what needs to be installed and configured. Your plan should reference product-specific installation and configuration guides that can be used during the implementation process.

Your plan will help you manage timelines for implementing equipment and scheduling outages. Include an installation schedule, as well as a test plan that will verify that the operation conforms to the design objectives.

Performing Your System Installation provides guidance for the installation order of components for a Cisco Unified Communications system contact center deployment. It does not describe installation procedures for individual components. For links to the complete documentation set for each contact center system component, see the Component Resources Documentation topic on the Resource Library tab.

The following sections provide additional information for installing and configuring individual contact center products:

Component Installation and Configuration Guides provides a complete list of components and links to related installation and configuration documents.

Installation and Configuration Checklists provides checklists for installing and configuring some of your contact center components.

Component Compatibility and Interoperability provides links to information about compatibility between Cisco products and with third-party systems or a hardware platform.

For a list of links to information on components that are used in the contact center environment, see the Component Resources Documentation topic in the Resource Library.