Cisco Unified Communications System for Contact Center Release 6.0(1)

Contact Center Overview
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Contact Center Overview
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Contact Center Overview

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The Cisco Unified Communications System for Contact Center is a complete contact center system that includes a rich suite of customer-relationship management (CRM) applications. The contact center functionality delivers intelligent call routing, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), and multimedia contact management to contact center agents over an IP infrastructure.

The contact center system consists of four primary Cisco software components:

IP communications infrastructure: Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified Communications Manager)

Contact center routing and agent management: Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management (Unified ICM) software

Queuing and self-service: Customer Response Solutions (Unified IP IVR) or Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP)

Agent desktop software: Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) or Computer Telephony Integration Object Server (CTI OS)

The following Cisco hardware products are required for a complete contact center deployment:

Cisco IP Phones

Cisco voice gateways

Cisco LAN/WAN infrastructure

Cisco security components

Network management tools

By integrating automatic call distribution (ACD), IVR, and CTI functionality, the contact center enables companies to rapidly deploy a distributed contact center enterprise network.

The contact center software profiles each customer by using contact-related data such as dialed number and caller-entered digits (CEDs). The system also monitors the resources at the contact center to meet customer needs, including agent skills and availability, queue lengths, and expected delays. The combination of customer and contact center data is processed through routing scripts that graphically reflect a company's business rules, thus enabling the contact center software to route each contact to the optimum resource anywhere in the enterprise.

For more information on contact center features, go to System Features in This Release.