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Redundancy is critical considering the number of vital business applications running on the network. If you have a distributed network with several access layers to remote offices, and you have a failure from the distribution layer to the core without redundancy, you have loss of network service for a large number of people. If you have redundancy in the distribution layer and the core, you can potentially lose one or more circuits without disturbing service to any particular group of users. Depending on the application, you may also need some redundancy from the access layer to the distribution layer.

Because of redundancy, if you drop a link at any one point in the network, every remote group or user still has a path to get back to the core. Even if you cut off the connection from one of the distribution switches back to the core, you still have access to the core for every user.

For more information on redundancy planning, see the Redundancy and Load Sharing Design Guide Opens new window.