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CSR at Cisco

Public Policy

Cisco’s Government Affairs team develops and advocates for pro-technology policies and regulations.

We engage with governments at all levels, focusing on public policies that impact Cisco, our partners, and our customers. The team comprises former elected and appointed public officials, as well as government affairs experts.

Learn more about this team on our Government Affairs website and about our policy priorities on our High Tech Policy blog. Current policy priorities include:

  • Advancing smart cybersecurity policies. Strong risk-management policies are foundational to secure connections. As threats evolve, 21st-century policies are essential to protect innovation and economic growth.
  • Protecting free trade. Cisco supports policies that open markets for technology products and services, lower prices, increase choice, and promote innovation. Trade agreements make this possible.
  • Investing in people and knowledge. Reforming the U.S. immigration system will enable businesses to better compete on a global stage. We support immigration policies that create a highly skilled workforce.
  • Building next-gen wireless networks. As consumer demand for data increases, networks must keep up. We encourage governments to make radio spectrum available for growth and new technology.
  • Preserving an open Internet. Cisco has always supported an open Internet. Regulations that incentivize network investment are essential.
  • Protecting innovation. National tax policies should encourage job creation and incentivize innovation. Policies must also be consistent with existing global approaches.
  • Securely connecting the future. Emerging technologies like machine learning and AI can protect against cyberattacks. We can harness these technologies for positive impact.

Political support

Cisco does not make corporate contributions to candidates for elected office, political parties, or election committees in the United States. We occasionally make contributions in support of local and state ballot measures that affect our business. We disclose these contributions quarterly. Our Government Affairs team and the Board of Directors’ Nomination and Governance Committee regularly review contributions.