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Our People

Employee Experience

Cisco believes in open-ended, self-directed learning, understanding that each individual knows best what skills and resources they need to succeed.

We encourage people to explore job roles and functions outside of their daily work, creating limitless opportunities for employees to align skills with strengths and reinvent their careers within Cisco. And we know that it’s never too soon—or too late—to learn something new, as we engage with everyone from interns to our executive leadership team on emerging ways to work and lead.

We empower not only individuals, but also teams, to harness their strengths and improve the way we work. Through virtual and in-person tools for strengthening manager-employee and interpersonal relationships, we help teams work in harmony and increase their impact. A two-way exchange—sharing resources with their employees, and listening closely to their feedback—gives everyone a voice and a stake in our success.

Leadership programs

Leaders are crucial not only to their teams’ growth but also to Cisco’s growth as a whole. Knowing this, we have set up programs to help leaders actively engage and continue to enhance their skills to become the best leaders they can be.

Programs and experiences target all levels of leadership, from new to more seasoned. They include virtual sessions, one-on-ones, professional and peer coaching, and more. Programs offered to Cisco leaders include:

What is it? What are its goals?
What is it?Cisco Leader Fundamentals What are its goals? Launched in Q3 of fiscal 2021, this two-day program provides new team leaders with a strong understanding of what is expected of them as people leaders at Cisco, and clarity on the tools and resources available to them as leaders. 557 new leaders attended this program in fiscal 2021.
What is it?New Leader Journey What are its goals? This six-month cohort-based program helps further assimilate new people leaders into their leadership roles through Degreed learning pathways and virtual facilitator-led "Leadership Circle" sessions. 687 new team leaders participated in this program in fiscal 2021.
What is it?Leader Learning Labs What are its goals? These 90- to 120-minute labs teach leaders to navigate giving feedback, vulnerable 1:1 conversations, and microaggression conversations, with empathy and tact. Leaders work through simulated real-life scenarios with professional actors and receive immediate feedback on their performance. 2177 leaders attended a lab in fiscal 2021.

Team Health Checks

Beyond helping individual contributors and leaders grow and develop as individuals, Cisco is acutely focused on helping cultivate positive and productive team dynamics. Our fiscal 2021 attrition and engagement data show that the top 10 percent of engaged employees at Cisco are five times as likely to stay at Cisco compared to those in the bottom 10 percent.

We strengthen teams through tools like Team Space, a platform for both individual and team collaboration. It enables the behaviors and rituals (One-Time Standout Assessment, Weekly Check-Ins, Quarterly Engagement Pulse, and Monthly Performance Snapshot) that scale team excellence and unlock the power of teams. We are currently developing Team Space eXtended (TSX), an addition to the platform with the goal of bringing about a more seamless Cisco experience and bringing increasing value to teams. TSX is an intelligent notification system within Team Space that shows “cards” to users based on various things you need to do or know, whether reminding them to launch an Engagement Pulse or integrations with other platforms such as Talent Space.

For teams looking to connect on an even deeper level, we offer Team Health Checks, which have gone virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic. Team Health Checks are two, three-hour facilitator-led workshops designed to help our teams adapt to new ways of working together and prioritize actions and rituals to grow stronger. Facilitators discuss topics related to group dynamics, including trust, communication, and decision-making. In fiscal 2021, we conducted 489 Team Health Checks.

The Power of Teams

We’ve put the power of communication and growth into the hands of our teams. The Power of Teams is a guided, discussion-based team learning experience for teams who are ready to take their performance to the next level. Consisting of self-led or facilitator-led options, this learning experience challenges teams to build better engagement. By understanding and practicing how the best teams at Cisco succeed, the program helps identify where each team can grow. In fiscal 2021, 213 Power of Teams workshops were held globally.


Rather than telling employees what skills they must develop, we encourage them to be curious and choose their own paths. We call this “learning at the edge.” Degreed is Cisco’s continual learning platform and unites internal resources with external materials like TED Talks and LinkedIn Learning courses. The program uses machine learning to provide personalized content recommendations, allowing users to select from Cisco-endorsed curricula or create their own development plans. It is a place where Cisco employees can discover, consume, organize, share, and track all relevant learnings, no matter where they take place. Degreed allows us to develop the core skills needed in our business today and tomorrow, based on how we see job families, functions, and roles evolving. Leaders can view their team members’ activity, giving them insight into employees’ evolving skills and interests.