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Cisco 2022 Data Privacy Benchmark Study

Discover why privacy has become mission critical.

About the report

The annual Cisco Data Privacy Benchmark Study is one of many research-based, data-driven publications collectively known as the Cisco Cybersecurity Report Series. This double-blind study is based on a survey of over 4900 security professionals in 27 countries around the world.

Key findings

Did you know that the vast majority of organizations are reporting privacy metrics to their board of directors? Other key findings from the report:


consider privacy a business imperative


view privacy regulations favorably


consider data localization an important issue


cite localization requirements are adding significant operational costs

Responsible Innovation

While organizations say they are handling data ethically, consumers aren’t convinced.


believe they already have processes in place for responsible automated decision-making


consumers feel they can’t protect their data because they don’t know how it’s being used*


consumers expressed concern about how businesses are using AI today*

*2021 Consumer Privacy Survey

Responsible innovation requires designing and building with an ethical framework by design.