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Usher in an era of collaboration
Build experience on innovativeness

Offer clients with optimal integrated solutions by ceaseless innovations in terms of collaboration

Cisco Collaboration Endpoints

Taking the leadership in global collaboration market, Cisco, with robust R&D and technological capabilities, keeps innovating to successfully combine mobile, video and cloud technologies together, thus offering users with a whole range of products, incl. UC, conferencing, client services and collaboration endpoints, as well as optimal integrated collaboration solutions.

UC (Unified Communications)

Integrating every voice, video, data and mobile applications to facilitate collaboration.


Enable collaboration anytime and anywhere through a safer approach, no matter in cloud environment or within organizations.

Client Services

Offer individualized omni-channel experience to meet various needs of clients.

Collaboration Endpoint

Offer a great deal of collaboration endpoints, from IP phone and video devices to Web, mobile and desktop endpoints, covering all the things a business expects.

Basic Guideline: How to Enable Workplace Modernization


思科 • 企业数字化转型的基石

全数字化时代,创新速度之快前所未有。面对数字化转型和实现业务目标的挑战,企业对实现数字化转型的基础 —“协作”提出了更高要求。2017年11月14日在北京举行的 2017 CXO 数字化转型年度盛典,思科大中华区资深副总裁,思科大中华区产品部总经理魏松斌应邀做主题演讲。

Build up next-gen collaboration meeting room (CMR) through digitalization

From 10:00 am – 11:00 am of Sep. 21 2017, Cisco Technical Talent Show will invite you to participate in the “Online Release for Cisco Webex Room 55 Integrated Intelligent Endpoint”, where you will learn about how to fully promote business collaboration experience onto the level of digitalization and intelligence. Click the link below to register to attend the meeting.

The 19th Session of CENCE Business Collaboration & Communications Conference 2017

As one of the most precise and practical top forums for both the governmental and enterprise markets, CENCE has become the indicator for development of business collaboration and communications. Ms. Yabin Gao, general manager of Cisco Collaboration & UC Group, Greater China, attended the conference and made an excellent speech.

Cisco Collaboration: enhance capability, promote participation, drive innovation

Collaboration is the catalyst for business development. Participation of employees could be significantly improved if they are allowed to have access to required resources and data. Better participation will surely result in higher efficiency, loyalty and satisfaction among employees. No matter among individuals, teams or between enterprises and clients or partners, collaboration should be carried out in an easy and simple way, only through which could the above-mentioned results be achieved.

Look at possibilities in your industry

Top technologies enables transfer of medical skills

Cisco helps Northwest Women's and Children's Hospital build up remote consultation platform.

Cisco helps Generali China build up a comprehensive collaboration environment

With assistance from Cisco, Generali China has built up a comprehensive system of conferencing, collaboration and communications.

Cisco Collaboration helps BBAC significantly improve office efficiency

Perfect collaboration assists BBAC to shift focus onto business innovation and exploration.

Cisco Collaboration helps automobile manufactures improve service efficiency and quality

Through customization of integrated UC solutions, Cisco helps clients successfully implement IT architecture innovation.

Industry-oriented Solutions

Advanced collaboration products and solutions designed for different industries assist clients achieve digital transformation and their business objectives

Education Industry

As education industry is undergoing digital transformation, both students and teachers are able to enjoy educational resources all over the world, which were not accessible to them before, so as to carry out study and research through brand new approaches, anytime and anywhere.

Medical Industry

Collaboration drives medical innovation. Medical experiences are transformed in a simple and safe way, resulting in better therapeutic effect.

Manufacturing Industry

Equipment and assets are connected more securely, and collaboration is implemented more efficiently, which jointly improve efficiency and quality.

Financial Industry

Retail banks make use of latest collaboration products and services to establish unique strengths.