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As IT professionals, learn how to leverage the latest capabilities in networking, collaboration and workforce transformation, cybersecurity, customer experience, data centre, service provider, small business and more.

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Topic Session Description/Abstract:

Presenter: Miyuki Suzuki, President, Cisco, Asia Pacific, Japan and China

We are living and working in unprecedented times. Technology will be the bridge to overcoming some of the greatest challenges we are facing, and realizing some of the biggest opportunities.

Keynote Presenter: Chuck Robbins, Chief Executive Officer, Cisco

Presenter: Scott Harrell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Intent Based Networking Group, Cisco
Presenter: Todd Nightingale, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Networking and Cloud, Cisco

At Cisco, we focus on building innovative solutions that unleash the potential of our digital world. Hear about innovations we are delivering across the enterprise networking and cloud portfolio to transform your business, industry, and the world.


Presenter: Gee Rittenhouse, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Business Group, Cisco

For many companies, security has largely been piecemeal where they introduce point products into their environment to address every new threat category that arises. It is time for security to be reimagined and radically simplified.


Presenter: Sri Srinivasan, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Collaboration, Cisco

Work the way you want from anywhere. Keep your organization connected across distributed teams and diverse locations.


Presenter: Jonathan Davidson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mass-Scale Infrastructure, Cisco

Join this session to learn how our mass-scale infrastructure strategy is helping operators successfully grow revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks as they begin to harness the power of 5G and build the Internet for the future.


Presenter: Chris Heckscher, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience (CX), Cisco, Asia Pacific, Japan and China

Many of our customers are challenged with enabling business performance and transformation. In this session, we will share a few innovations we have in CX to help our customers gain insights and control, powered by analytics and automation.


Presenter: Yazan Mughrabi, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Interested in Zero trust? Discover how adopting Zero Trust into your organisation doesn’t have to be complex.


Presenter: Mark Pretty, Cybersecurity Architect, Cisco

Jump into Zero trust with Mark Pretty and discover the advantages of Multi-Factor Authentications, deep visibility and device health in his Duo Demo.


Presenter: Dave Robbins, Regional Manager, Workload Protection, Cisco

Cisco Tetration enables you to understand application behaviours, to automate micro segmentation and to use advanced security analytics to speed detection. Explore Workload Protection with a Cisco Tetration Demo.


Presenter: Jatin Sachdeva, Multi-Domain Security Architect, Cisco Global Security Architecture Team, Cisco

Cisco's integrated security portfolio that you can connect to your existing infrastructure for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across network, endpoints, cloud, and applications

Service Provider

Presenter: Andrew Mackay, Mobile Solutions, Cisco

True 5G networks with “stand-alone” 5G core supporting slicing, low latency and high resiliency, are being built now. The foundation of these are a confluence of new technologies. We discuss these and the blue-print architecture for a 5G network.

Service Provider

Presenter: Kasu Venkat Reddy, Principal Architect, Cisco

E2E 5G slicing is the key enabler to explore new B2B business opportunities for operator’s. We will explain the importance of having the right E2E architecture blue-print strategy with Orchestration & Management framework integrating E2E domains.

Enterprise Networking

Presenter: Adam Radford, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco

Cisco DevNet is Cisco's developer program to help developers and IT professionals who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs.


Presenter: Daniel Aherne-McInteer, Field Architect, Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics can allow you to gain better Visibility and Insight into the performance of your key platforms and allow us to drive corrective and directive Action using Cisco Workload Optimisation Manager.

Customer Experience

Presenter: Dave Malik, Fellow and Chief Architect, Customer Experience, (CX), Cisco

The influx of multiple devices, application sprawl across multiple clouds has made the IT landscape more complex and widened the skills gap. Discover the methodology that the Cisco CX team uses to enable our customers in a hybrid multicloud world.

Customer Experience

Presenter: Chris Gascoigne,Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Demo: Greg Scarlett, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Learn how you can manage and optimise your cloud including Greg Scarlett's Next Generation Management with Intersight Demo.

Enterprise Networking

Presenter: Adam Radford, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco

Featuring a Cisco DNA Demo with Distinguished Engineer Adam Radford.

Enterprise Networking

Presenter: Huaye Zhang, Technical Solutions Specialist, Cisco

Featuring a SD-WAN demo with presenter Huaye Zhang.

Enterprise Networking

Presenter: Mark Krischer, Principal Architect, Cisco
Demo: Robin Mok, Systems Engineer, Cisco

Including Insights into High-density Wi-Fi 6 Powered by Cisco Catalyst and a DNAC Intelligent Capture demo by Robin Mok.

Enterprise Networking

Presenter: Keith Pereira, Solutions Architect, IoT Partners, Cisco

The OT (Operational Technology) world has become an extension of our campus, learn what Cisco is doing in this area to streamline and simplify this.


Presenter: Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Australia and New Zealand

Welcome to the cognitive era albeit at a very difficult time. Kevin will review which technologies in particular will have the most impact in 2020 and touch on some which are a bit further off.


Presenter: Jacqueline Guichelaar, Senior Vice President and Group Chief Information Officer, Cisco

Hear Jacqui share her view of the IT industry and why there’s never been a better time to be in IT. She will share what Cisco is doing to reimagine IT, help transform Cisco, and the non-negotiables required to make it possible.


Presenter: Bailey Szeto, Vice President, Customer and Seller experience, IT, Cisco

In this session we will share key learnings from the period leading up to and perspectives from the first 30 days of business continuity. Learn about Cisco’s advanced planning, agility as the crisis unfolded, and our focus as we move forward.


Presenter: Susie Wee, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cisco DevNet and CX Ecosystem Success

In this new world, connectivity and collaboration tools delivered in a secure way at scale are crucial. Programmability, automation and software skills remain critical, empowering IT Teams increasingly responsible for meeting business demands.

Small Business

Presenter: DD Dasgupta, Vice President, Product Strategy and Marketing, Small Business Solutions, Cisco

Take a closer look at the ""Cisco Designed"" portfolio of products that are purpose-built for small business customers. Join us as we unveil new innovations in wireless, simplified management and AI-enabled surveillance.


Presenter: Vanessa Sulikowski, Distinguished Architect, Cisco
Demo: Neha Gautam, Systems Engineer, Cisco

Discover the evolution of cognitive workspaces using AI techniques and solutions to enhance flexible agile workspace. Exploring some the AI innovations that can be enabled to transform the workforce experience and change the way your people work.


Presenter: Josh Fallon, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Demo: Valerie Kan, Cloud and Hosted Technical Solution Specialist, Value Added Reseller, Cisco

In this introductory session for Cisco Webex Calling, Josh will cover areas such as user & admin experience, included features and station types, regional availability and what options are available for PSTN connectivity.


Presenter: Andrew Grose, Digital Customer Experience Technology Lead, Cisco

Explore the how Cisco Webex Contact Center brings your business the innovation, flexibility, and agility of the cloud with the security and global scalability you have come to expect from Cisco.


Presenter: Shaun Robinson, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two; no matter where your Collaboration environment currently sits, your users expect a client that provides an intuitive Collaboration workflow. This session will cover updates to Cisco Webex Teams and Jabber.

Enterprise Networking

Presenter: Jerome Dolphin, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Demo: Jeff Lee, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Today’s networks are extended across multiple sites, domains, private and public clouds plus multiple geographies. With complex networking infrastructure built on platforms of all types, makes and operating systems.

Customer Experience

Presenter: Peter Watson, Director, Security Services Customer Delivery, Customer Experience (CX), Cisco

Understand what it takes to establish a zero trust zero touch network and how this benefits your organisation's network operations and security monitoring.

Cross Architecture

Presenter: Mark Krischer, Principal Architect, Cisco

Each day brings rapidly changing news and new restrictions to our daily lives. In this session we explore solutions you may not have previously considered and how to begin planning for a very different future.. one that redefines the nature of work.

Customer Experience

Presenter: Dave Malik, Fellow and Chief Architect, Customer Experience, (CX), Cisco

Automation and Orchestration is essential for common tasks and workflows enabled on a programmable network. This session will reveal practical implementations and best practices from the CX team on how Automation frameworks are put into action.

Data Centre

Presenter: Justin Cooke, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Demo: Camillo Rossi, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Cisco ACI Anywhere, the industry-leading SDN solution, facilitates application agility and data center automation. Explore multicloud networking with Camillo Rossi, in his Cloud, ACI, AWS and Azure Demo

Data Centre

Presenter: Greg Scarlett,Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco Demo: Ming Prince, Technical Solutions Specialist, Cisco

Discover how you can onboard, deploy and manage every compute resource in the data center and at remote sites from a single unified management interface, including Ming Prince's Cisco Intersight Demo.

Data Centre

Presenter: Serge Charles, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Take a look into the day to day operations and administration of Cisco Hyperflex to discover just how simple storage management can be.

Cisco Meraki

Presenter: David Lombardi, Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Meraki

Learn how Cisco's Meraki portfolio of cloud managed IT products can help organizations reap the benefits of an intent based network - from easing the pain of day to day operational challenges to enabling new digital initiatives.

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