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Country Digital Acceleration

Cisco's Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) Strategy is a long-term partnership with national leadership, industry & academia. By fast tracking Australia’s digital agenda with integrated technologies and automation, the country will grow GDP, create new jobs and provide innovation and education across public & private sectors.

Accelerating Digitalisation in Australia

Digital transformation and strong infrastructure is important to ensure Australia is future ready in a digital world. Cisco is at the heart of Australia’s digitisation with a strategic Country Impact Plan that aims to deliver 3 key pillars: Innovation Economy, Human Capital and Healthy Communities.

Innovation Economy

Human Capital

Healthy Communities

Through Country Digital Acceleration, Cisco has the opportunity to positively impact communities, governments, and businesses around the world. We are excited to support the long-term economic goals of Australia and benefit their citizens in the digital economy.

Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO, Cisco

Australia’s Country Impact Plan

Enabling connected communities and unlocking Australia’s digital potential, Cisco’s pillars for acceleration underpin the key themes for our investment and resource focus – the ingredients that demonstrate how we support Australia’s digitisation efforts.

Australia’s Digital Readiness

Australia ranks amongst the top countries in terms of digital readiness. However, the states and territories experience either a digital dividend or digital divide. Cisco’s Digital Readiness Index explores how ready each state and territory in Australia is to reap the benefits of future digitisation. The digital acceleration programs target the state and territory level, to help Australia become a digitally ready nation.

Find out more about the digital readiness of these states and territories >

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

Investment Themes

Transforming Australia into a digitally enabled smart city and making everyone a digital citizen, Cisco plans to invest $61 million over 3 years to work with government, industry and community organisations to develop and fund projects across four key areas:

Digital Government

Digital Industry

Digital Business

Digital Infrastructure

National Priorities

Cisco’s digital transformation strategy for Australia starts not just by building a solid infrastructure to support the government’s digital agenda, but also committed investments to developing a digital government, digital industries and digital businesses through initiatives focused on 6 key priorities:

Secure Australia

The education sector is more exposed than most when it comes to opportunities and risks presented by cybersecurity. Learn more about the changing security landscape in the Australian education sector in our blog coverage on our latest “Securing Australia’s Education Institution” report.

Jobs, Skills and Sustainable Growth

See how Cisco empowers individuals to change their lives by upskilling and reskilling them with future skills through our Networking Academy, preparing them for digital jobs. Other initiatives include providing pathways for more women to pursue careers in tech.


The education and research sector plays a pivotal role in Australia’s success, as it grooms the kids of the future with digital skills. Find out how institutions can enable a digitally enabled intuitive campus that fosters innovation and prepares students for future jobs with initiatives like STEM education, research and innovation programs, university partnerships.


Working with the health sector, Cisco helps Australian healthcare businesses make a different in the lives of their patients by simplifying clinical workflows, enable telehealth and collaboration with Webex technology, and personalise patient experiences.


See how Cisco helps build better infrastructures in Australia to improve safety, mobility and operational efficiency with engineering and technological solutions.

Small Business and Regional Communities

Learn how Cisco empowers small businesses with solution offerings to thrive in a digital economy. Also, working with our digital partners to enable a digitally inclusive Australia, even in its most rural parts of the country.

Cisco’s Digital Programs in Australia

Cybersecurity Training Centre opens in Melbourne’s West

Victoria University through its Polytechnic, in partnership with the world’s largest Cyber Security vendor Cisco, are opening a Cybersecurity Training Centre in Melbourne’s West to meet an increasing demand for workers in one of Australia’s fastest growing and under-serviced industries.

Cisco and La Trobe University joins forces to drive technology innovation

Cisco and La Trobe University joins forces to drive technology innovation, and to prepare students for industry-ready and digital skills required in the knowledge economy that help to solve real-world industry problems.

Cisco and Curtin University Launch Global Centre for Intent-based Networking

Cisco partnered with Curtin University to start a new research centre focusing on advancing networking technology. This digital campus and centre will conduct blue-sky research to support industries that require a new approach to networking.

Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem (AIMES)

AIMES is a world-first living laboratory based on the streets of Melbourne, established to test highly integrated transport technology. Current trials leverage on infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and edge computing, with a goal to improve road safety.