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Connected Real Estate starts with the foundation, the information utility, or the next generation building information network. In addition to the plumbing, piping, and wiring in your building, we now add an IP network to the fabric of a building. Not much unlike the other utilities, we lay the groundwork to design and install systems that will interact with and communicate over this one network.

Cisco Small Business IP Phones

This secure, flexible, and scalable network reduced your CAPEX by replacing the disparate networks for the communications, security, and building automation systems.
The key deliverable with this new infrastructure is CONNECTITY. The new network connects to people and building and/or physical security systems-both within or outside the building - and with other buildings in a portfolio. As we tie all these systems over an IP network, everything and everybody can now be accessed over the Internet.

Study shows that for an average 8-story office building in North America, based on a $150 per SF cost, the cost for this infrastructure is nearly neglect-able compared to the other established utilities in our building. In this case, we have seen cost ranging from $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot as compared to $15 or more per square foot for the water utility.  Although this might be drastically different for your particular building and in your particular situation, with the upside of the network and the opportunities that are now exposed, it is an investment that with reach high return-on-investment

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