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IoT Gateways

Build a highly secure, reliable infrastructure for everything from networking to edge computing.


Optimise operations

Reduce OpEx with highly secure, reliable connectivity to decrease downtime.

Increase efficiency

Rely on robust networking and insights when and where you need them.

Reduce risk

Protect your IoT stack with enterprise-class, multilayered security to help detect and prevent threats.

IoT networking and computing gateways

Cisco 809 Industrial ISR

  • Seamless integration with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Higher throughputs, advanced routing features, and GPS for location-based services
  • Edge computing for low-bandwidth usage and faster insights

Cisco 829 Industrial ISR single- or dual-LTE WAN

  • Highly secure, compact routers for 4G LTE WAN and wireless LAN
  • Withstands harsh conditions, such as high temperatures, shock, vibration, and water
  • Edge computing to record, store, compute, and move data to cloud applications

Cisco IR1101 Integrated Services Router Rugged (new)

  • Highly modular and expandable hardware design to extend product lifetime.
  • Ruggedized and compact with low power consumption
  • Software-defined WAN, IOS XE and edge compute-enabled

Dedicated computing gateways

1000 Series Connected Grid Routers

  • Reliable communications for field area, networks, such as smart metering and distribution automation
  • Ruggedized for harsh environments, such as substations and pole tops
  • Multiservice features to optimise network uptime and increase operational efficiency

IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway

  • Edge computing to quickly capture precise data for faster decisions and reduced network load
  • Extract device data, facilitate edge computing, and move data to cloud applications
  • Zero-touch deploy and manage compute gateways and edge applications

IoT networking gateways


  • Rapidly deployable with 3G and Wi-Fi, with multicarrier dual SIM
  • Hardened for flexibility in mobile usage and harsh or rugged environments
  • Cost-effective for primary or backup connectivity to decrease downtime

Cisco 807 Industrial ISR

  • Low power consumption for power-constrained environments
  • Compact for small spaces; ruggedized to tolerate harsh environments
  • Advanced routing features and GPS for asset tracking and location-based services

Extending intent-based networking to the IoT edge

Transform your business with Cisco IoT’s next-generation industrialised routers and switches that deliver secure and simplified capabilities to the operational edge of the network.

Use Cisco IoT gateways to...

Safeguard oil and gas pipeline operations

Increase operational efficiency and decrease downtime for natural gas pipelines and processing plants. Highly secure, rugged Cisco IoT gateways simplify connecting and managing remote gas turbines, diesel engines, and sensors. And they offer faster insights to help you solve problems quickly and limit expensive repairs.

Help secure financial transactions and manage assets

Reduce the expense of managing thousands of remote ATMs, while enhancing asset and data security, and improving the customer experience. Cisco IoT gateways facilitate more secure, reliable cellular connectivity to automate cash management, as well as optimise video surveillance with intelligent data processing at the edge for faster response.

Improve safety and regulate traffic

Optimise traffic management with roadside connectivity for traffic signal controllers, motion sensors, video encoders, and cameras. Cisco IoT gateways provide reliable, real-time insights to regulate traffic flow and conditions, detect violations, and improve motorist and pedestrian safety at intersections.