Cisco Industrial Router 1100

Cisco Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Routers

Rugged, compact connectivity

Optimize your industrial IoT deployments with reliable connectivity from a modular, 5G-ready router.

Secure routing for any fixed deployment

Now your connectivity can extend anywhere—with a ruggedized, highly scalable router.

Adapt to your needs

Modular routers with dual-WAN capability mean greater flexibility, so you can add or upgrade networking modules and storage components as technologies—and your needs—evolve.

Install anywhere

Make installation easy anywhere—indoors or out—no matter your climate or space constraints. Featuring a rugged and compact router with low power consumption. 

Enjoy superior security

Use your network as both a sensor and an enforcer. Get easy visibility into operational technology (OT) assets and activities, then apply security policies and control remote access.

Scale management options simply

Boost your IT and operations teams with powerful management tools like Cisco Catalyst Center, SD-WAN Manager, and Cisco IoT Field Network Director.

Two pluggable modules shown in front of the Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Router

Bring secure, reliable connectivity to your IoT edge.

Connect your way with pluggable modules

Woman holding the Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Router with pluggable modules and expansion modules on either side.

Do more with the Catalyst IR1101 Rugged Series Router

Discover how the Catalyst IR1101 Rugged Series Router extends connectivity to the edge with new capabilities.

Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Routers, Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers, and Cisco SD-WAN interface

Get up to 30% extra off industrial routers and SD-WAN Manager subscriptions

Enjoy up to 30% extra off Catalyst IR1100 or Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers and Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager subscriptions when you purchase them in a bundle.

Valid through January 25, 2025

Security built in, not bolted on

Manage threats at scale by seeing more

No need for extra appliances or resources—your Cisco industrial network sees everything that connects to it.

Simplify secure remote access into OT assets

Manage connected assets from anywhere. Easy-to-use, cloud-delivered secure remote access is built into our network equipment.

Empower your network to secure operations

Deploy OT security at scale with visibility, enforcement, and ZTNA gateway embedded into your industrial routers.

Explore more resources

Access a wealth of information to discover how Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Routers can help meet your organization's needs.

Flexible choice of management

SD-WAN Manager

Extend Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN to the IoT edge, with tools to automate deployment, configuration, and management.

Cisco IoT Field Network Director

Let your operations teams manage multiservice field area networks (FANs) on premises, with visibility you can count on. 

Cisco Catalyst Center

Set up and monitor your core enterprise network to the edge, at scale-all from a single interface.

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard

Discover cloud delivered services to meet the needs of OT, including Secure Equipment Access and Cyber Vision, that are easy deploy at scale and are built into industrial routers.

Connect your business anywhere

It’s time to get the most from your IoT deployments—and make them safer than ever. Our sales team is ready when you are.