Software Defined Networks (SDN) for Service Providers

Cut Protocols by 75 Percent

Accelerate Revenues and Improve Services Agility with Evolved Programmable Networks (03:06 min)

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Reduce Operating Costs and Accelerate Revenue Growth

Software defined networking (SDN) is a technology with great promise to save money and make money for network operators of all types. When implemented correctly, SDN can fulfill this promise.

The greatest savings potential is a significant reduction in your operating costs. In many cases, you can get more efficient capital investment. You can make money through:

  • Making existing services more flexible at a lower cost for better margins
  • Modifying or deploying new services for faster time to revenue
  • Facilitating broad innovation in services and markets

SDN supports these capabilities by abstracting control from the underlying network infrastructure. Then, through a global centralized view of the entire network, it provides more effective control of how the network responds to application needs.

However, achieving the above business goals needs more. The network needs to be application-centric. You also need elasticity in the network infrastructure so that functions can be rapidly and dynamically placed and scaled up and down to meet demand.

Done right, an SDN will improve functionality, flexibility, and business agility. It will support higher-performing applications and better use of your network assets.

At Cisco, we have the right approach to SDN. We offer a comprehensive approach for an open, agile, and application-centric network. When you partner with Cisco, you can achieve your primary business outcomes: making money and saving money.

Cisco SDN-based offers for service providers are built upon the innovative, open, and programmable capabilities and interactions between these complementary Cisco platforms:

The Cisco ESP is an open modular software platform that implements the middle layer of the three-layer SDN architecture commonly depicted.

The Cisco EPN is an open infrastructure platform comprising physical and virtual network functions. It implements the lower layer of the three-layer SDN architecture commonly depicted.

Extending centralized automation and policy-driven profiles into the data center is the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure. ACI delivers software flexibility with hardware performance and scalability. It reduces complexity and uses a common policy framework that can automate provisioning and resource management.

Combining the synergy of these complementary Cisco platforms, Cisco ESP prepackaged and integrated services modules help you optimize business value from SDN and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in an open multivendor ecosystem that reduces risk and complexity.

Fast, Agile Service Delivery

Fast, Agile Service Delivery

Learn the benefits of Cisco Network Services Orchestrator, enabled by Tail-f. ( 7:32 min)

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