Cisco Predictive Networks

The stakes are high to ensure the best networked experiences for employees and customers.

People and businesses use and rely on applications for just about everything; application experience is becoming the new brand experience.

But I.T. teams are struggling to be proactive - managing cybersecurity threats, hybrid work, hybrid cloud, and more. 45% of I.T. leaders surveyed cited responding to disruptions as the top network challenge for 2021. Unplanned downtime and outages interrupt employee productivity, customer service, and revenue.

To deliver on the full promise of digital business, the industry needs a way to better predict and proactively avoid network issues to ensure the best possible experience.

The network must become experience-centric.

The future of connectivity will rely on self-healing networks that can learn, predict, and plan.

Cisco is augmenting the network for the future, bringing together new predictive technologies with its broad portfolio of observability, visibility, and detection technology to improve reliability and performance across all operational scenarios. This first-of-its-kind predictive analytics engine will help I.T. teams prevent issues and elevate the user experience.

What are customers saying?

I see the potential for predictive networks to augment traditional routing and provide our business with better availability than ever before.

Shaan Ahmad, Network SME, Phillips 66

I believe the Cisco Predictive Engine can help companies resolve the tech shortage as well.

Zach Nimboorkar, SVP Global IT Infrastructure & Operations, Schneider Electric​

Teams are more reactive for the moment to be honest and with a predictive engine they will really fix the issue before it happens, which is really a game changer.

Nicolas Gachet, Global Head of Network Special Projects The Adecco Group

I think the most amazing thing about this trial was that it works the first time and without any involvement of our teams to set up anything. It was really a plug and play solution. No efforts to do and you get the benefits straight away.

Nicolas Gachet, Global Head of Network Special Projects The Adecco Group
Cisco Predictive Networks brain

Cisco Predictive Networks gathers data from a multitude of telemetry sources. Once integrated, it learns the patterns using a variety of models and begins to predict user experience issues, providing problem solving options.

Customers can decide how far and wide they want to connect the engine throughout the network, giving them flexible options to expand as they need.

Our research for predictive networks has been tested and developed with customers, and early adopters are seeing major benefits saving them time and money. The industry has been waiting for secure, proactive networking and only Cisco can do it right.

Chuck Robbins
Headshot of Chuck Robbins

We are enabling I.T. leaders to avoid issues before they happen, helping network operators prevent outages, safeguard against attacks, and elevate the user experience – all while helping to increase network performance.

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