Cisco Routed Optical Networking

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Simple operations

A converged infrastructure simplifies network design, planning, and management, saving up to 45% in total cost of ownership (TCO).

Network efficiency

Automation substantially increases network efficiency to lower the cost per bit and maximize profit.

Service profitability

Deploy more services with the same capital expenditure, scaling your average revenue per user (ARPU) to improve profitability.

What is Routed Optical Networking?

Routed optical networking, part of the Converged SDN Transport Solution, is an architecture that delivers improved operational efficiencies and simplicity. The solution works by merging IP and private line services onto a single layer where all the switching is done at Layer 3. Routers are connected with standardized 400G ZR/ZR+ coherent pluggable optics.

With a single service layer based upon IP, flexible management tools can leverage telemetry and model-driven programmability to streamline lifecycle operations. This simplified architecture integrates open data models and standard APIs, enabling a provider to focus on automation initiatives for a simpler topology.

Award winning innovation

Cisco Routed Optical Networking named as the winner in the Most Innovative Routing and Switching Solution category of the 2022 Leading Lights Awards.

What is Private Line Emulation (PLE)?

Private Line Emulation (PLE) moves bit-transparent services to the IP layer enabling private line services to be carried over IP networks for non-Ethernet type services like SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel.

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Crosswork Network Automation

Simplify services management and operations by bringing together visibility, insights, and action, and driving closed-loop automation.

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With routed optical networking you can increase your capacity and scalability while reducing footprint and power for a lower carbon impact. Network modeling of the solution shows up to 75% savings on footprint and power.

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