IOT - Data Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT)

Transform Internet of Things (IoT) Data into Action

Run analytics applications throughout the network, from the cloud to the fog. Cisco provides the infrastructure and tools for enterprises to combine IoT analytics with business analytics. Cisco IOx APIs support the Cisco Connected Analytics portfolio to run directly on Cisco fog nodes. The APIs make IoT data available to your applications to improve operational efficiency and generate new business.

The Cisco IoT analytics infrastructure offers:

  • Infrastructure for Real-time Analytics
    By integrating network, storage, and compute capabilities on select Cisco routers, switches, UCS servers, and IP cameras, we allow analytics to run directly on fog nodes for real-time collection, storage, and analysis at the network edge.
  • Cloud to Fog
    Cisco’s analytics infrastructure powers IoT and business analytics capabilities throughout enterprise deployments, from the cloud to the fog. Cisco Fog Data Services includes APIs to apply business rules and control which data remains in the fog for real-time analytics and which is sent to the cloud for long-term storage and historical analysis.
  • Enterprise Analytics Integration
    Using IOx APIs, enterprises can run analytics from our products on fog nodes for real-time intelligence. Fog Data Services allows IoT data exporting to the cloud. Integration of IoT data can increase operational efficiency, improve product quality, and lower costs.
  • Analytics for Security
    Cisco IP cameras with storage and compute capabilities support video, audio, and data analytics at the network edge so enterprises gain real-time security intelligence, including event processing and classification.

Cisco Fog Delivers Business Outcomes

Gain New Revenue Streams

Cisco's data analytics infrastructure generates IoT intelligence for machine as a service (MaaS) and product as a service (PaaS). Customers gain pay-as-you-go consumption models for new revenue streams. Cisco IOx SDKs and open APIs allow organizations to correlate IoT and business analytics for building revenue streams with new services.

Improve Product Quality

Cisco data analytics operate as close to the devices as possible. Organizations may continuously tune their devices to maintain optimal performance levels and produce products that adhere to specifications. Analytics can also analyze how devices are performing at a customer location, and make adjustments to boost performance.

Improve Operational Effectiveness

Gain visibility into device performance and how customers interact with them. Using device and business analysis, enterprises can make modifications to optimize device productivity for enhanced customer experience and lower costs.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Trust

Cisco integrates physical and cyber security solutions throughout the IoT infrastructure so customers can use their network to keep data private. The result is enhanced customer trust and confidence.

Cisco Analytics Portfolio

SDKs and Open APIs: