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Cloud Solutions Master Agreement

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Cloud Solutions Master Agreement

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Term: September 30, 2016 – September 15, 2026 Contract Number AR2477

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  • GreenContract active and available for current use
  • YellowContract in progress
  • Light BlueState Expressed Interest
  • Light GrayNo Contract in place

NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization

The NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization (formerly WSCA-NASPO) provides the highest standard of excellence in public cooperative contracting. By leveraging the leadership and expertise of all states with the purchasing power of their public entities, NASPO ValuePoint delivers best value, reliable, competitively sourced contracts.

Since 1993 NASPO ValuePoint has been the cooperative purchasing arm of NASPO (the National Association of State Procurement Officials) encouraging, fostering and guiding the nation's most significant public contract cooperative. NASPO ValuePoint is a unified, nationally focused cooperative aggregating the demand of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the organized US territories, their political subdivisions and other eligible entities spurring best value, innovation and competition in the marketplace.

All authorized governmental entities in any state are welcome to use NASPO ValuePoint cooperative contracts with the approval of that state's State Chief Procurement Official. Cooperative purchasing benefits states as well as cities, counties, public schools, institutions of higher education and other eligible entities.

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Who can use NASPO ValuePoint contracts?

All governmental entities within a state are generally eligible to use NASPO ValuePoint contracts, if the governmental entity has the legal authority to use their home state's contracts. If you are not sure, check with either your home state's Chief Procurement Official or contact Solomon Kingston, Division of Purchasing, Email:

Please check back in the near future for a list of Participating States under the Cisco NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Master Agreement contract.

Getting Started with NASPO ValuePoint - Requesting to Execute a Participating Addendum with Cisco

For NASPO ValuePoint Member States and Territories:

  1. To request a Participating Addendum Template, please send email to NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Help

For Political Subdivisions: If your State does not have a Participating Addendum with Cisco and does not plan to execute one, but your agency or entity wishes to use Cisco's NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Master Agreement please do the following:

  1. Your Procurement Director must obtain prior written approval from your State's Chief Procurement Officer in order to participate under the terms of Cisco's NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Master Agreement. Ask that your State's Chief Procurement Officer forward the written approval to 1) Solomon Kingston, Division of Purchasing, Email:
  2. NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Development Coordinator and ii) contact us at NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Help.Cisco will then review your request and will get back to you accordingly.

Please be advised that it is Cisco's preference to hold a Participating Addendum at the State level so that all eligible public sector entities within the State can use the procurement vehicle. However, Cisco will consider all requests by individual entities and respond accordingly.


Contract Term:

Start Date: September 30, 2016

End Date: September 15, 2026

Renewals options: N/A

Please refer to NASPO Cloud Service Offerings with Descriptions for further details.

Awarded Categories

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Refer to your State's Participating Addendum to confirm the authorized product and services in scope for purchase.

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Pricing and Discounts

The NVP Cisco Master Agreement AR2477 is a "discount off list price" contract. Contract pricing is benchmarked to Cisco's current US Availability Global Price List as updated during the contract term. Minimum contract discounts off the Cisco US Availability Global Price List have been established for eligible purchasers. The minimum discounts offered by Cisco is firm for the contract term. However, additional incremental discounts may be offered during the term by Cisco Authorized Resellers in addition to the minimum, guaranteed discounts offered by Cisco.

Please refer to NASPO Cloud Service Offerings with Descriptions for further details.

Cloud Service Discount: 10%

Value Services Onsite NTE Amount/Hour* Remote NTE Amount/Hour*
Maintenance Services $600.00 $525.00
Professional Services-Deployment $743.17 $661.17
Consulting/Advisory Services $743.17 $661.17
Architectural Design Services $743.17 $661.17
Statement of Work Services $743.17 $661.17
Partner Services $600.00 $525.00
Training Deployment Services $600.00 $525.00

*Onsite NTE Amount/Hour: Customer Premise Labor Rates Not To Exceed Hourly

*Remote NTE Amount/Hour: Vendor Premise Labor Rates Not To Exceed Hourly

NOTE: The hourly rates provided for Cisco Services are Not-To-Exceed (NTE) rates. Individual hours, or blocks of hours, may not be purchased separately. Cisco will use these rates to determine the total fixed price of a customer-approved Statement of Work (SOW) with specific deliverables. For “Partner Services”, please contact the authorized resellers directly for their rates. They are authorized to only provide Basic Installation and Configuration services (i.e. rack and stack work, installation of purchased Cisco equipment, etc.) under this Cisco NVP Data Communications Master Agreement AR-2477.

Authorized Cisco Resellers (TBD)

Cisco has authorized certain Cisco qualified resellers to resell Cisco Products and Services under this buying vehicle. Prequalified resellers are authorized to directly take orders from authorized purchasers as well as invoice and receive payment under this contract.

Click here to obtain contact information for the authorized resellers in your area.

Ordering and Payment

Customer ordering and fulfillment under this buying vehicle is done directly through resellers who are authorized by Cisco to take orders, invoice customers, and receive payments, and to act as the primary points of contact for billing inquiries.

Click here to obtain contact information for the authorized resellers in your area.

Updated as of 7/15/2019

The Cisco NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Master Agreement AR2477 was fully executed on September 30, 2016. Please refer to the tables below for status on the State PAs:


Participating Addendum Status

Area State Status State Contact
West Alaska Executed PA Jason R Grove (DOA)
West Nevada Negotiating PA Gideon Davis
East Missouri Executed PA Nicolle Backes

Participating Addendum STATUS KEY

KEY Details
Begun Review State is reviewing new Master Agreement and PA Template
Draft PA Cisco or State has begun drafting or drafted unique State terms and conditions on PA Template
Negotiating PA Cisco & State are actively negotiating PA terms and conditions
Executed PA Cisco and State have fully executed PA

Updated as of 7/15/2019

The Partner Onboarding Process is an extensive process that typically takes several weeks to complete from start to finish before Partners are Authorized to Sell. There are several steps that are taken to ensure fair evaluation of all interested Resellers and as such, please note, the "Estimated Time Frame" is dependent upon several variables that could affect the estimated date. Please check back regularly as any changes to the Estimated Time Frame will be updated on the table below:

Area State Est. Timeframe for
Next Round
# of Slots
Due Date
Status Additional
West Alaska May-2018 TBD 5/5/2018 Administrative  
East Missouri Feb-2019 TBD 3/22/2019 Application  


Partner Onboarding STATUS KEY

KEY Details
Pending Executed PA Cisco is still in negotiations with the State on the Participating Addendum and cannot begin onboarding activities until the PA is executed
Internal Prep Participating Addendum has been executed and CMO is working with the State and Cisco Sales team to determine the selection criteria.
Application Application has been sent out to Partners; pending Partner Submissions; or submissions are being reviewed and finalized for final Partner Selection.
Selection Final Partners selected and sent to the State for review and final approval. Partners will be notified only after approval has been received from the State to proceed.
Administrative Selected Partners must pass all Legal and Financial due diligence checks; complete all Cisco and State required paperwork and requirements; and execute a USPSS.
Authorized to Sell Selected Partners have completed all administrative onboarding requirements, has been or will shortly be published on the Website as an Authorized Reseller, and has received the official Cisco notice that they are Authorized to Sell.


Partner Onboarding Process

For any questions or inquiries regarding the new NVP contract, please send an email Email Icon with the following details:

  1. Full Name
  2. Company
  3. Title
  4. Email Address
  5. Related Participating State(s) inquiry is referencing
  6. Detailed inquiry/request