California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)

Requesting a CMAS Manufacturer Authorization Letter

Instructions and Process*

*Applies for authorized resellers of Cisco Systems, Inc. and Cisco Ironport Systems LLC

  1. Download the CMAS Manufacturer Authorization Letter ("MAL") Request Form .
  2. Complete and send the CMAS MAL Request Form back to
  3. Cisco will review your request and verify your status as an authorized reseller of Cisco Systems, Inc. ("Cisco") or Cisco Ironport Systems LLC ("Cisco Ironport").
  4. If you are verified to be an authorized reseller in good standing, a CMAS Reseller Certification and Acknowledgement Agreement ("CRCAA") will be sent to you. Please review, have it signed by an Authorized Signatory and email a PDF version of it back to
    . A MAL will NOT be issued until Cisco or Cisco Ironport has received the executed CRCAA.

    NOTE: The CRCAA is a new requirement and a condition precedent to receiving the MAL from Cisco or Cisco Ironport. Attached are non-executable versions of the CRCAA for advance review only.

    Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Cisco Ironport Systems LLC
  5. A MAL will be provided for you to submit along with your CMAS application. Don't forget, per the CRCAA, you must only reference an authorized GSA Schedule with Cisco Systems, Inc. or Cisco Ironport Systems LLC. See below.
  6. The CMAS Unit at the State of California Procurement Division will be notified that a MAL has been issued for your firm.

    Cisco Products and Services
    1. Westcon (aka Comstor) #GS-35F-0563U
    2. EC America (aka immixGroup) #GS-35F-0511T
    3. Promark (aka Ingram Micro) #GS-35F-303DA
    4. Avnet Government Solutions (aka AGS) #GS-35F-0349S

IMPORTANT: Go to to access the catalog and Terms and Conditions of the authorized GSA Schedule that you wish to reference in your CMAS application. Please do NOT contact Westcon or EC America. If you have any further questions, contact Cisco at

Requesting the Cisco Catalog(s) for any of the GSA Schedules listed above

  1. Identify the desired GSA Schedule Cisco Catalog(s) to request.
  2. Submit request by mail or phone.

    Request Information
    Mail Phone

    General Services Administration
    Schedules Information Center
    1500 E. Bannister Road, Bldg. #4
    Kansas City, MO 64131

    Select Option #3