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State and Local Government IT Modernization

Building a Wi-Fi backbone for long-term smart city innovation.

Find out how Albuquerque is leveraging their unique partnership with Cisco to create a scalable wireless network for future smart city applications, all at a cost they can afford.

Cisco for state and local government

From hybrid work environments to network management and security, we are helping government accelerate IT modernization to create smarter, more resilient communities.

Empower democracy with Next Generation Polling Stations

Restore voter trust, gain insights, and enhance security. Discover how your state can leverage federal funding to enhance election operations.

  • Gain deeper insights into voter trends and behaviors
  • Protect against physical and cybersecurity threats
  • Monitor multiple polling sites with easy deployment

Create a sustainable IT modernization strategy

A roadmap for IT modernization in government

There are several things IT leaders should prioritize in order to make IT modernization a reality.

5 tips for writing better procurement contracts

Find out how to build flexibility for new technologies and IT modernization into your contracts.

The future of IT starts today

Empower, optimize, and simplify, all with industry-leading security.

Wireless and mobility

Empower speed, reliability, and security that meets the demands of today’s IoT and mobile device environment.

Networking: SD-WAN

Optimize performance with real-time analytics, visibility, and control, simplifying security and management.


An integrated portfolio featuring the scale and capabilities to keep up with threats via threat intelligence.


Simplify communication, inspire innovation, and empower people to engage anywhere, using secure solutions.

Data center

The control to power every app, location, and user while automating IT tasks and unifying compute and storage.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Leverage your network and gain new insights from data to better manage resources and improve citizen services.

Customer Stories

The Nashville Fire Department is speeding response times, increasing efficiencies, and improving quality of care.

Cisco Meraki aps, switches, and smart cameras are helping to build one of the most advanced US library systems.

Brookline is deploying advanced firewall, malware, and web security to block 37 million threats a year.