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State and Local Government

Connect, secure, and automate to accelerate your community's digital agility and resilience in a cloud-first world.

Leverage the cloud edge

Create a cloud-smart future of work with seamless user experiences, full-stack observability, and holistic security.

Bridge the digital divide

Overcome digital inequity in your community with inclusive connectivity to drive greater educational and economic opportunities for all.

Create safe, secure hybrid work environments

Hybrid work for government

Get the keys to build a flexible, supportive, and secure workspace for all.

Strategies for a safe return

Learn the capabilities you'll need to manage a safe return for your workers.

Create a smart campus

Connect facilities and data to maximize resources and improve user health and safety.

Explore use cases and architectures

Find solutions to digitally transform your government, modernize critical infrastructure, facilitate public safety and justice, and deliver comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance.

Learn, fund, and connect

#GovernmentNow blogs

See what trends, issues and solutions leaders in your industry are discussing this week.

How to fund

Get the latest news on funding, grants, and other sources available to your organization.

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Have questions? Get expert advice from industry leaders in government technology.