Social Justice Takes Action

Here's what we're doing to make the world more inclusive

Actions speak louder than words

In 2020, we transformed our longstanding advocacy for social justice into a global, enterprise-wide commitment to bolder action and greater impact. We embarked on a five-year journey backed by a US$300 million commitment to explore new ways to address inequities, break down barriers, and create more inclusive opportunities for people to thrive.

Our 12 Actions for Social Justice began as a commitment to the African American/Black community. They now serve as a blueprint that drives us forward, working together to create lasting, generational change—within Cisco, across our partners and suppliers, and in communities around the world.

Cisco's Social Justice Action Office brings together leaders and experts across our company to drive consistent execution, rigor, and accountability in our social justice actions.

Progress in our five-year journey

Highlights of our fiscal years 2020 through 2023 (FY20–FY23)


Preserved US$1.5 billion in Title IV funding at HBCUs through services and software installations that made schools National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity compliant


123 African American/Black employees hired through the OneTen initiative since FY20


Nominated 100 social justice/racial equity nonprofits for Cisco's matching gifts program through the employee Power to Empower Campaign in FY22


Increased the amount we spend with diverse suppliers by 56 percent in FY22


Increased African American/Black representation in non-executive roles by 68 percent since FY20


Increased African American/Black representation 96 percent in director-level roles since FY20

The beliefs that drive us

Our 5-year Social Justice journey to drive greater impact is guided by six core beliefs that help determine how we respond to inequities and injustice and what bold actions we will take.

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