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Digital Utilities Partners

Transforming digital utilities with partners

With our industry-leading energy partners, Cisco is ushering in a new era of networking, end-to-end security, automation, and analytics. Together we've built strong relationships and jointly validated designs, with proven results in our customer success stories. We're fueling the future of digital industries to benefit energy and utilities customers everywhere.

Driving results in an increasingly connected world

Focus on business outcomes

Start with your desired outcome. Pair partner expertise with the power of the network to build solutions for the new era.

Partner to align IT and OT

Gain daily data insights and do more with less by aligning IT and OT through our operational industry partnerships.

Transform the energy industry

The number of connected devices grows daily. We're partnering to connect sensors, meters, electric vehicle charging stations, and more.

Join our partner programs

Propel your growth. The new era requires a very different network--one that we can't build without our energy partners.

Partner programs

Find a partner or developer who can help you drive innovation and growth for your business.

I need a solution for...

Smart grid

Itron enables devices that fuel smart cities. Create an active network to enable field devices for smart utilities and cities, powering real-time responses to changing conditions.

Smart connected pipelines

Schneider Electric transforms traditional networks. With smart connected pipelines, utility management, and building solutions, expand your network beyond the traditional office space by converging OT and IT.

Network encryption

Eaton expands networking capabilities. Retrofit installed recloser controls to add new networking capabilities, including encrypting IP data flowing between controls and the control center.

Transmission grids

Siemens fuels high-performance platforms. Migrate to next-generation packet-switched MPLS wide-area networks for transmission grids.

Field Area Network (FAN)

Enhance energy delivery and work to build a low-carbon world with our FAN partners: CSE, Holystar, Creaway, WEG, TechMahindra, Tatung, GE, Cimcon Lighting, and Ledroadway Lighting.