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Evening the odds in education with YELLOW

Join our chat with Stacey Owsley, the executive director of YELLOW, as we discuss how evening the odds in education is driving an inclusive future of learning for all.

Previous episodes

Financial services

Automation orchestration cloud discussion

Dave Malik takes this cumbersome topic and double clicks into what this all means and the implications for Financial Institutions. (31:45)

Security, compliance and risk management

As much of the workforce has transitioned to remote work and the end customer has started to interact through digital means, security, compliance, and risk management has become center stage. (38:26)

The customer journey of financial services

There are many new demands on Financial Service firms, remote workforce’s, security, new regulation, and an ever-demanding customer. (40:28)

The future of financial services

Financial institutions have had to accelerate their digital initiatives, but what's next? What opportunities are beginning to emerge. (46:23)

Rapid changes to financial services

Dive into the topic of how financial institutions achieve sustainable innovation in a rapidly changing environment. (37:48)


What is video analytics?

Companies are relying on computer vision to provide data for trustworthy insights to help them make smart business decisions. Join us as we talk about this with Raffi Vartian from meldCX. (45:45)

Customer trust and the future of retail

We welcome Micheal Rosemann, Director of Future Enterprise and Professor at QUT School of Business, to talk about cloud and new forms of fast-paced agility and innovation to create scalable infrastructures and test alternative channels of interaction. (40:13)

Helping retailers navigate complexity

Cloud is helping retailers navigate an increasingly complex environment by supporting new in-store requirements and value chain efficiencies—automating and securing new experiences for customers and associates. (40:29)

How cloud can help retail (continued)

Cloud is impacting brick-and-mortar retail today, what can we expect for brick-and-mortar retail as cloud capabilities increase? The answer might surprise you. (35:49)

How cloud can help retail

Cloud technologies allow retailers to pivot and stay agile. From managing, storing and analyzing of data to securing customer info and streamlining operations, having a cloud-managed environment is helping retailers thrive. (31:46)

The future of retail

Join us as Bill Farnsworth discusses how the pandemic is changing the way consumers shop and forcing the retail industry to innovate quickly. While some parts of retail are thriving, others are scrambling for survival. (29:11)

Sports, media, and entertainment

Revolutionizing the customer experience

Join us as we hear from Zack Klima and Jeffrey Jordan from WaitTime to discuss how their partnership with Cisco is changing the way guests experience large public venues. (45:56)

Behind the scenes at SoFi Stadium

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look into the technology powering the massive network. (48:26)  

What does the future of sports look like?

Join us for the 5th and final episode in our series as we wrap up our discussion about Sports, Media, and Entertainment and their key take aways. (29:58)

What is Esports and how is the industry forming?

Games are far more complex, players are joining globally, and fanbase is increasing. Join us for episode 4 of 5 in our series as we dive into this industry with subject matter experts Frost and Sullivan. (38:42)

Has media changed, or has technology changed how it's consumed?

A lot has changed with how sports, media and entertainment are produced and broadcast. Join our panel of industry experts for podcast 3 of 5 in our series to discuss how technology has played a pivotal role in these changes. (46:19)

How fans are driving the experience in sports

The way we consume Sports, Media and Entertainment has evolved over the years. The fan experience isn’t solely driving innovation but demanding it. Join us for our part 2 series as we discuss what these experiences look like and where we’re headed. (39:07)

Sports, Media, and Entertainment

Sports, Media and Entertainment are three of the biggest global cultures that transcend physical borders. Join us for part 1 of a 5 part series as we explore the changes occurring in the Sports, Media and Entertainment world. (40:13)


The Future of Transportation

Explore infinite possibilities by joining us for the Future of Transportation with Andy Manuel. From autonomous race cars to flying cars, stretch your imagination on what the ride of the future will be like. (40:21)

Cisco solutions

Connect, secure, and automate

We recognize that secure, connect, and automate are three critical words used in the workplace. Can I secure the myriad of devices connected to our infrastructure? Can workers connect seamlessly? Listen to find out. (37:27)

Understanding AppDynamics

From apps to remote workforce and the expanding hybrid cloud, success depends on more variables than ever before. Trust the market-leading enterprise resources of AppDynamics and Cisco to help you innovate at scale. (32:25)

Collaboration services

Collaboration services went from optional to essential overnight during the global pandemic. Join us as Cisco Webex Adoption Manager Molly DuBow shares insights. (35:20)

The Cisco experience

Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month (HLHM)

In celebration of HLHM, Cisco invited two women to discuss the meaning of being a Latina in our community: Gena Pirtle, senior manager at Cisco, and Claudia Gilles, Intel's vice president of human resources. (34:47)

How a startup guy is shaping one team's future

Explore lessons in leadership with Justin Barney, VP of Global Intent-Based Networking and ThousandEyes Sales at Cisco. Join us as we hear how Justin has helped forge his team’s future. (43:13)

The future of work

During a global pandemic with people sheltered at home, HR is now front and center in helping employees navigate turbulent waters. Join us as Jason Phillips SVP of People and Communities discusses the future of work. (35:15)

Public sector

The future of government

The future of government is an evolution of tradition. We are joined by Steve Vetter and Matt Dietz, where we discuss how tech is driving communities and government. 39:59

Moving government forward

The future of government is an evolution of tradition. Cisco has the technology that solves, creates, inspires, heals, and secures your community. (45:52)  

About the hosts

Danny Vicente

Danny is the global marketing lead for the sports, media, and entertainment industries at Cisco. He has a diverse background with experience in executive leadership, sales, and marketing across several industries.

Sabrina Maria Gonzalez

Sabrina is the global retail marketing manager at Cisco. She is a marketing coordinator, content creator, strategist, and a knowledge seeker of emotional intelligence and digital marketing.