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Supporting Business Continuity for Retail At-a-Glance

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Updated:May 21, 2020

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Updated:May 21, 2020


Global, Retail, Supporting offers and Simplified

Executive summary

Retailers, suppliers, distributors and consumers around the world are facing an unprecedented set of circumstances as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The very basis of many retail operations (and organizations) has shifted. In this time of changing business models and uncertainty around what’s to come, our message is simply this: we’re here to help.

Cisco has been a trusted technology partner in retail for over three decades, and we are just as committed as ever to enabling retailers to navigate these current operational challenges successfully. From mobilizing employees to work remotely for the first time, to managing supply chain interruptions, to securely connecting the end-to-end retail experience, we’re dedicated to serving the retail community here and now.

Together, we can support business continuity through the innovative solutions that keep businesses afloat, workers connected, and customers engaged.


      Connect employee devices to secure VPN and mobilize employees to work remotely

      Centrally manage and enhance e-commerce platform even during surge online traffic

      Integrate click and collect for flexible fulfillment, including contact-less payment features

      Enable real-time inventory tracking for agile operations across the value chain

      Protect employees and customers across the network from cybersecurity threats



Our message

      We’re all in this together, and Cisco is here to help.

      We understand the severity of this pandemic, and the impact it has had on the people and operations surrounding retail organizations.

      We believe the right solutions can help support business continuity in this uncertain time.

      Cisco is dedicated to retail customers, serving as a trusted technology partner and keeping employees, customers and suppliers securely connected, no matter where they are.

Retailers need to securely support a digital-ready platform, leveraging unified communication across the value chain to build and maintain customer trust.

Cisco’s purpose in light of this pandemic is to support retailers in reaching business continuity in the way that is right for your organization and customer base.

Digital transformation can happen at any desired level for retailers looking to engage customers at this time, no matter the size of the IT team. Setting up e-commerce platforms for the first time and shifting business models from in-store engagements to online offerings start with a secure network. A secure IT foundation that can integrate payment capabilities is key to protecting business-critical data and customer information. Application development incorporating click and collect services, and managing online operations are a few key areas where Cisco is ready to help when it comes to navigating these fundamental changes in your retail organization’s business model. Engaging your existing customers digitally using mediums such as virtual consultations, social media, loyalty programs, and targeted marketing have the additional benefit of offering more frequent communication than in-store visits, showcasing the importance of the right digital solutions for your retail organization.

Navigating the challenges of COVID-19 highlights the importance of inventory accuracy for retailers engaging with interrupted supply chains. Integrating retail systems so that suppliers, distributors, and workers across the value chain have visibility into product availability and location enables retailers to make timely, informed decisions. Cisco’s solutions for retail can help equip employees to take on new roles particularly related to distribution, click and collect services, and remote operations. Additionally, our offerings related to COVID-19 help enable virtual contact center solutions and VPN connections for secure digital operations no matter where your retail associates may be located.

Retailers need to securely support a digital-ready platform



Customer Journey

      Help effectively connect customers with the best representative for their call-in requests especially when there’s a surge in call volume, with Webex Contact Center

      Provide SMS notifications and/or proactive callback with our partner-enabled software from Acqueon for further contact center enhancement

      Easily show customers where to pull up their car using Cisco Vision dynamic digital signage for efficient curbside pickup integrated with Meraki video)

      License plate recognition using Meraki video allows retailers to deliver purchased items to arriving customers for efficient curbside pickup

Associate Experience

      Automatically notify via alerts and SMS notifications for curbside and contact-less pickup based on customer proximity with Cisco partner QWASI

      Monitor employee sentiment with partner Local Measure’s associate engagement platform

      Effectively train associates (who may have had in-store roles) to take on digital or distribution-related tasks, provide company-wide strategy updates, and notify workers of safety regulations with Cisco Webex Teams communication platform

Physical and cyber security

      Protect the evolving network landscape from cyber attacks with Talos threat detection

      Keep your newly remote workforce, and business critical data and customer data secure with VPN connection and AMP for endpoint detection

      Leverage location analytics for additional safety and efficiency of physical operations using DNA Spaces

      Monitor people counting and ensure safe social distancing within physical locations with V-APP and gain valuable insight to protect individuals within brick and mortar stores with EveryAngle (both integrated with Meraki MV cameras)

Above-store Operations

      With our newly developed use case solution, you can set up popup medical clinics in the parking lot of your retail locations to serve your customers and our communities

      Gain visibility to digital channels, traffic and overall application performance management with AppDynamics

Supporting offers for reaching business continuity in retail

See Cisco's solutions in the Cisco Retail Portfolio Explorer

Amidst store operational changes, supply chain interruptions and a focus on digital commerce, we want to make sure the implementation of Cisco’s solutions remains as simple as possible for retail organizations to quickly start seeing positive results. That’s why we released a new Business Resiliency Program to help retailers acquire the Cisco solutions they need while managing short-term cash flow.

Backed by our integrated and comprehensive portfolio of products, services, architectures, solutions, end-to-end customer support, and global partner ecosystem, our team is equipped to help retailers engage their customers, connect the value chain, and secure the network that brings it all together.

Supporting offers for reaching business continuity in retail

Cisco offers and free trials

      Promotions for Enterprise Networking: link

      Small Business Promotions and Free trials: link

      Cisco Security promotions and free trials: link

      Remote call center: link

      Cisco AMP free trial: link

      Cisco Umbrella free trial: link

      Cloud software trials and demonstrations: link

      Duo Security free trial: link

      Cloud Webex free trial: link

Why Cisco for Retail

Why Cisco for Retail

Key differentiators

We’re experts at guiding retailers towards a digital future.

We have been working with retail organizations to build their digital future for over 30 years.

We can help merge those offline experiences to a secure online platform.

Only Cisco provides the innovative technology, end-to-end connectivity, and secure network foundation to serve the next generation of customers while simplifying operations and transforming any retail platform to a programmable store.

The pace of retail now is accelerating- and we think your network should too.

Retail agility is dependent on IT infrastructure. As customer demands and supply chain interruptions are changing, now is the perfect time to assess your digital foundation to equip your retail organization for your continually evolving end customer.

It’s not just the technology, but getting the right solutions working for your business.

The customer and workforce experience are equally important when it comes to supporting business continuity and long term growth. Deployment and implementation are critical to experiencing outcomes, and we’re here to see that through.

We know security is the core of any operation.

The increasing use of mobile devices and the growing reliance on sensor-based data gathering (IoT) means that end-to-end security solutions should be front and center. Protect your expanding network from data to assets to associates to customers.

Simplicity drives retail innovation. Shifting to the cloud keeps you agile.

Cisco’s cloud capabilities enable retailers to interact remotely with customers, support ongoing supply chain agility, and provide secure communications across the value chain. Central management of your retail operations enables visibility, flexibility, and allows you to adapt to changing operational or customer-driven demands.

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