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Limited Extension of Software Maintenance Support for CUCM 10.5 Release

In response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco is announcing a limited extension of Software Maintenance on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P), Cisco Unity Connection (CUC), Cisco Emergency Responder (CER), and Session Management Edition (SME) version 10.5 to help Customers and Partners continue to use their existing 10.5 servers and plan for an upgrade. 

Cisco previously announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Session Management Edition 10.X. The 10.X Software is no longer on sale and the last day of Software Maintenance is July 1, 2020. The end of sale announcement includes a table (Table 1) that describes the end-of-life milestones, definitions, and dates for the affected product(s). It also lists (Table 2) the product part numbers affected by this announcement. For customers with active and paid service contracts, support will be available under the terms and conditions of the customers' service contract. Service contracts can be renewed until September 27, 2021 with Last date of Support on July 31, 2022.

The limited extension of Software Maintenance is provided from Jul 1, 2020 until Oct 1, 2020. This does not require purchase of a new Service Contract. Customers with an existing Service Contract can leverage this limited extension of SW Maintenance, which includes the following:

  • Critical Defect Fixes: Only Severity 1 or 2 CDETS on version 10.5 may be fixed. The focus will be on service outages and issues that impact active call flows or functionality. 
  • PSIRT Vulnerability Fixes:  Only High/Critical (CVSS Score 7.0 and higher) PSIRTS will be considered.

Engineering Special Releases:

As needed Cisco will produce 3 Engineering Special releases around the following dates:

  • July 31, 2020
  • Aug 28, 2020
  • Sept 30, 2020
  • No customer specific COP files will be provided. Support will only be provided via Engineering Specials (ES) that are an extension of the tip of the 10.5 train (last ES provided)
  • Limited support for Third Party Issues: Cisco will offer Best Effort support for Third Party Issues. In absence of support from those Third-Party Components or compatibility with those components requiring major and complex change in software going beyond scope of an Engineering Special release, Customer must upgrade to a major version software release.
  • Complex/High Risk Fixes:  Fixes that are inherently complex or risky to implement, an upgrade to 11.5 or 12.5 will be necessary. 
  • Note: Severity 3 and Higher bugs/enhancements identified on v10.X Software will continue to be prioritized and fixed in current orderable versions of CUCM Software – 11.5 and 12.5

Case Escalation Process

Customer can use existing Case Escalation Process through Cisco TAC, Technical Assistance Center if they are reporting any issues on 10.X Software.

You should plan your upgrade of your (CUCM), (IM&P), (CUC), (CER), and (SME) version 10.5 deployment before the end of this extension of Software Maintenance, Oct 1, 2020. After this date Cisco will no longer provide bug and security vulnerability fixes for 10.5.