Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (XCP)

Jabber XCP Benefits

Highly Secure, Flexible Instant Messaging

Get open, flexible, enterprise instant messaging (EIM) solutions for federal government agencies. Link people and applications in new ways using Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP).

Make Better, Faster Decisions

Harness the power of presence with EIM to connect available users instantly wherever they are, through any Internet-connected device. Move information rapidly, share it more securely, and help people make more informed decisions.

Utilize Existing Technology Investments

Simplify your back-end integrations with the comprehensive Jabber XCP framework. Streamline deployment by running Jabber XCP on the platform of your choice; it is designed to integrate with your existing directory and data storage services. Jabber XCP is highly hardware- and network-efficient and can support millions of users on a single server with little bandwidth.

The Right Choice for Today and Tomorrow

Protect your investment in presence-based communication. Jabber XCP sets the standard for presence and messaging technologies, and provides the open, scalable, and customizable architecture to help meet your needs now and in the future.

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