Special Offers on Cisco Switches

Special Offers on Cisco Switches


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Optimize the Power of Your Network

Now, you can connect anyone, anywhere, using any device, to any resource, securely, reliably, and easily. The Cisco Borderless Network architecture uses the power of the network to:

  • Deliver a media experience that enhances productivity
  • Simplify operations to increase flexibility, resiliency, and security

Gain a wide rate of benefits from our extensive product portfolio:

  • Cisco EnergyWise helps monitor, measure, and control power consumption
  • Cisco TrustSec helps you add highly secure campus access control
  • medianet applications access high-quality, interactive multimedia

With new Cisco Borderless Networks solutions, you can transform your network. These wired and wireless access solutions support advanced applications that perform beyond device and location boundaries. When your network is borderless, your infrastructure helps ensure that your organization can:

  • Meet current and future regulatory requirements
  • Take advantage of new business opportunities
  • Use evolving technologies to encourage the next wave of innovation

Contact us to see how new Cisco access solutions reduce total cost of ownership and increase long-term business stability with new pricing options that reset the industry standard.

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Expand Your Business Reach Beyond Borders

Cisco Catalyst Switching helps you deliver advanced applications to anyone, anytime, anywhere. This borderless network approach builds a highly-secure, reliable infrastructure that meets the latest IT challenges brought on by new networking trends, including:

  • Younger workforces rapidly exploring interactive communication tools
  • Video expected to take over 90 percent of bandwidth
  • Mobile devices estimated to bring 1.3 billion new products  

Your network needs to optimize the performance of these applications, no matter where your users are and how they are connected. In addition, you need to control costs and maintain a green, sustainable approach. Cisco Borderless Networks help you build an infrastructure that meets these challenges and saves you money, giving you an edge over your competition.

Contact us to see how Cisco TrustSec, Cisco EnergyWise, and medianet applications use industry-leading technology to combine flexible security with performance. You can use these applications to integrate new business tools and capabilities without adding risk or disrupting daily activity.

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Borderless Networks: Innovation is Everywhere

Cisco EnergyWise, Cisco TrustSec, and medianet applications are all the result of the newest innovations in Cisco Catalyst switches, which are important components of Cisco Borderless Networks. These switches deliver highly secure, scalable solutions built on class-leading features, standards-based technologies, and cost-effective designs.

Cisco leads the industry in:

Standards: Cisco engineers participate in and chair open standards committees, including IEEE, IETF, ITU, ETSI, ISO, and SMPP Standards Foundation. This helps Cisco products remain relevant to evolving business needs.

Innovations: Cisco invested $5.2 billion in R&D over fiscal year 2008 to develop new products, enhance existing solutions, and deliver added functionality. This results in industry-leading technology advancements that help you build an infrastructure that meets the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

Stability: Cisco brings a tradition of technology innovation to the market, and transfers that benefit to our customers, so you gain reliable, long-lasting solutions.

The new Cisco Catalyst 2960-S, 3560-X, and 3750-X Series switches offer

  • Greater connectivity and high availability
  • Investment protection, including an enhanced limited lifetime warranty
  • Robust, built-in security  
  • Different software versions, for the right fit for your organization

Contact us to learn more about how our new migration incentives reset industry standards in terms of price-performance, and how you can start benefiting today.

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