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Cisco Smart Accounts

Simplify your license management

Smart Accounts give you full visibility of the Cisco software assets in your company. Now you can easily manage and control your licenses.

Smart Accounts are a new way to manage your software licenses. They provide your company with a central location where you can manage Cisco licenses across the entire organization. Smart Accounts are similar to online bank accounts. You can view, store, manage, and move your Cisco software assets to where they are needed.

Today, you can experience the benefits of Smart Accounts in many Cisco portals. These include the Cisco Smart Software Manager and Cisco Commerce (formerly CCW). They're available for Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) and for traditional PAK licenses in the License Registration Portal.

In the future, Smart Accounts will be positioned as the one location where you will be able to manage all your Cisco subscriptions, contracts, hardware, and services.

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Cisco Smart Accounts offer a simple-to-use, centralized, and organized solution to license management.

  • Simple: Set up one Smart Account to manage all your software licenses and entitlements across your company or organization.
  • Centralized: A single location gives authorized users the ability to view license entitlements.
  • Organized: Subaccounts (virtual accounts) offer flexibility. You can easily manage access and roles in group licenses.

Resources and tools

The resources and tools in this section have been created to help you manage your Smart Accounts.

Software Central

Create and manage your Smart Account and virtual accounts, and manage user access.

Cisco Commerce

You can assign a Smart Account when you order eligible products.

Smart Accounts include:

Smart Software Manager gives visibility to assets across the enterprise via an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Smart Account Manager satellite offers extra security for customers who do not want to manage their installed base using a direct Internet connection.