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Application Security

Maximize speed and minimize risk for your applications with the zero-trust security industry leader.

How does Cisco secure application workloads?

As dynamic multicloud environments, containers, and serverless computing become the norm, Cisco brings continuous, adaptive, zero-trust security closer to the application for greater insight and control. Cisco offers cloud workload protection to reduce the attack surface with automated micro-segmentation based on recommended policies tailored to your applications, and complete visibility of application behaviors, dependencies, and vulnerabilities. And in the near future, Cisco will identify and contain unknown threats using familiar tools and workflows that balance the business's need to maximize speed and the security team's need to minimize risk.

Start by securing your application workloads

Cisco Secure Workload (Tetration)

Understand application behaviors, automate micro-segmentation, and use security analytics to speed detection.

Secure every threat vector with our integrated portfolio

Network Security

Gain world-class security controls from the world's largest network and security company.

Cloud Edge

Enjoy faster, more secure Internet access from the company that helped build the Internet.

User and Endpoint Protection

Get effective breach defense from the industry leader in zero-trust security and threat protection.