Security Outcomes Report, Volume 3

Explore seven success factors for boosting cyber resilience.

Get data-based insights to become more resilient

What is security resilience and why is it so important? We answer these questions and much more in our latest report, which takes a deep dive into seven critical success factors to boost security resilience according to more than 4,700 IT and security pros across the globe.

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  • Ways to set your cybersecurity strategy up for success by striking the right balance between risk and resilience  
  • What CISOs and other experts are considering when building up their own security resilience 
  • How the most resilient organizations prepare for inevitable disruption and recover quickly to emerge stronger

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Key findings


62% have experienced major security incidents that jeopardized business operations. 


63% are less than confident in their organization's ability to remain resilient through a worst-case cyber event.


96% have increased investments in security in the wake of their most recent major incident.