Security Outcomes Study, Volume 1

Empowering security leaders across the world to protect against cyber attacks and drive business growth.

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Get the latest iteration of our Security Outcomes study in our 2nd volume, where we uncover the top 5 security practices and how to optimize them.

What we cover

Formerly titled the CISO Benchmark Report, this annual report showcases the data we collected from a double-blind study of more than 4800 respondents from 25 countries. The results were independently analyzed by research firm Cyentia to provide cybersecurity leaders everywhere the data they need to make informed decisions. 

A roadmap for success

Choose your own adventure. Pick any security outcome (left column) or any security best practice (bottom labels) to understand which practice has a stronger correlation in helping you achieve the desired security outcome.

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Learn from the 2021 Security Outcomes Study how to keep up with growing business demands, manage risk, and operate efficiently.

Security program outcomes

Explore how organizations in different countries and regions are successfully achieving each respective security outcome.

Global data and in-depth analysis

Our survey presents data from over 4800 respondents in 25 countries. To learn more about in-depth information pertaining to Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, check out these individual reports. 

Europe and Middle East

Read what makes a successful cybersecurity program in the EMEAR region, and which security best practices have the highest success rates.


Explore country-level comparison of security outcomes from China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, and more—it's all here in this Asia-specific report.

The Americas

Dig deeper into security best practices and security outcomes across the Americas, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.

Industries and verticals

Take a deep dive into two of the most pressing sectors in cybersecurity: healthcare and financial services. 


From managing security risks to meeting regulatory compliance: Learn about the top concerns and recommendations for healthcare organizations

Financial Services

From cyber-related risks to running a cost-effective security program: Discover what respondents in financial services are talking about.