Cisco Secure WAF and Bot Protection

Improve application availability and security with Cisco AppSec and bot protection solutions.

Application security and bot protection

Applications are under constant attack. Cisco Secure Web Application Firewall (WAF) and bot protection defend your online presence and help ensure that websites, applications, and APIs are protected and always on.

Application security and availability

Secure your applications and APIs to achieve and maintain enhanced business resilience.

Effective application security

Advanced algorithms accurately identify threats and protect online revenues.

Application availability

Protect web servers from cyberattacks and help ensure application availability and business resilience.

Consistent security policy

Easily deploy policies across your multicloud environment to reduce costs and minimize security risks.

Secure WAF and Bot deployment options

Discover flexible deployment options for every business need and budget.

Cloud WAF

Continuously adaptive web application security provides always-on protection against attacks.

Kubernetes WAF

Scalable application security for CI/CD environments is orchestrated by Kubernetes.


Enjoy fast, reliable, secure delivery of web and mobile apps and API protection.

Adaptive application security

Secures all channels

Web, mobile, and APIs

Security insight

Application mapping and threat analysis

Adaptive security

Automatic policy generation and optimization. Protects against zero-day attacks.

Security intelligence

Advanced behavioral analysis and machine learning (ML) models accurately identify bot intent.

Cloud WAF integration with SecureX

Secure WAF integration with SecureX enhances visibility and simplifies application security.