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Cisco Cloud Application Security

Secure and speed up cloud innovation

Cisco Cloud Application Security delivers visibility and protection across the application lifecycle so you can reduce risks and increase team productivity. 

Code to cloud security from development to run time

Cisco Cloud Application Security enables DevSecOps best practices. Developers can fix vulnerabilities faster while security teams can measure compliance and prioritize findings from one tool. 

Protect cloud assets with unified platform

The solution combines cloud security posture management (CSPM), Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP), API security, and infrastructure as code (IaC) security into a unified Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). 

Effectively prioritize risks

With attack path analysis, teams can see how an attacker can get in and move laterally within their environment. They can also save countless hours of manual work with automated root-cause analysis.

Meet multicloud compliance

Teams can meet cloud audit and business goals by monitoring for compliance with best practices and regulations like service organization control 2 (SOC 2), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), and more.

Accelerate risk remediation

Step-by-step instructions and specific command lines are generated to remediate threats detected in your environment. The solution integrates with workflow and ticketing tools to route to developers for quicker resolution. 


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Secure more of your cloud with Cisco

Secure Application with Cisco FSO abstract gui

Cisco Secure Workload

Stop threats from spreading with zero-trust microsegmentation, on any workload, across any environment.

Multicloud Defense abstract gui

Cisco Multicloud Defense

Simplify security with centralized policy controls to secure traffic across any cloud and between virtual private clouds (vPCs).

Secure Application with Cisco FSO abstract gui

Cisco Secure Application with Cisco Full-Stack Observability

Get the visibility and business insights to prioritize and respond to revenue-impacting vulnerabilities.

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