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Secure Endpoint Webinars

Our experts help you get the most from your endpoint security. Register for any of our Cisco Secure Endpoint webinars.

Webinars on demand

Shift the security burden off your team

Discover how adding Secure Endpoint to your Umbrella deployment can establish effective, automated, always-on security.

Introducing Secure Endpoint Pro

Learn how you can shift the endpoint security burden off your team to better defend against advanced threats.

Radically simplify your endpoint security

Learn how our unified approach to security helps you focus on the most important threats.

Endpoint detection and response

Explore how to update your security postures to protect against today's modern threats.

Turbocharge your security operations

Find out how to stop threats while accelerating your team's efficiency and productivity.

A critical component of zero trust, SASE, and XDR

Learn why integrated security platforms offer the optimal solution to ever-changing enterprise needs and can drive business success.

SASE benefits from edge to endpoint

See how Cisco Secure Endpoint and Cisco Umbrella combine to better protect users and businesses by outsmarting emerging threats.

Protect against the #1 threat vector

Learn how adding Secure Endpoint to your Secure Email deployment can add a last line of defense against increasingly complex threats.

Know your networks and endpoints better

Learn how adding Secure Endpoint to your Secure Network Analytics deployment creates better visibility and a more effective solution.

Secure Firewall and Secure Endpoint together

Learn how adding Secure Endpoint to your Secure Firewall deployment creates a powerful defense against sophisticated threats.

Umbrella and Secure Endpoint

Join us for a demonstration of how Secure Endpoint and Cisco Umbrella combine to provide extended detection and response (XDR). 

An ESG analyst explains how SecureX integrated XDR capabilities bolster endpoints and optimize operational efficiency.

Learn how to get endpoint security that supports a remote workforce operating outside the corporate network.

Security with MITRE ATT&CK

Watch a discussion on the latest version of ATT&CK, including use cases and how it can accelerate your security maturation journey.

Defining the industry standard for XDR (1:13:04)

Watch a replay of our virtual summit to see how SecureX delivers a simpler, broader approach to XDR.