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Cisco Defense Orchestrator


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Updated:March 5, 2020

Available Languages

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    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:March 5, 2020

Effective security management made simple

Managing network security across today’s complex, extended architectures is hard work. In the face of sophisticated adversaries, security controls are needed everywhere: in your data centers, private and public clouds, and remote sites and for your mobile workers.

That usually means supervising an array of legacy and next-gen devices with multiple consoles and policy structures. Updates, upgrades, and deployments in this environment can be tedious and time consuming. Inefficient tools and processes can also introduce vulnerabilities and increase your risk for a breach.

This complexity in policy management is a threat to your organization’s efficiency and the effectiveness of your security.

Cisco® Defense Orchestrator is a cloud-based application that helps you consistently manage policies across your Cisco security products. It cuts through complexity to save time and keep your organization protected against the latest threats.


     Reduce complexity: Simplify security policy and device management

     Save time: Improve efficiency for repetitive security tasks

     Strengthen your security: Achieve better, more consistent security

Key capabilities

Scale and centralize—Write a policy once and scale enforcement consistently across tens or thousands of security controls throughout your network. Compare, filter, edit, and create new policies, all from a centralized console.

Resolve issues—Analyze existing security policies and objects across your network to identify errors and inconsistencies. Easily make corrections that can improve your security posture and optimize device performance.

Deploy faster—Install and configure new devices faster by creating standard policy templates that give you consistent, effective protection across your Cisco environment. New deployments automatically inherit the updated policies.

Upgrade easily—Speed security patches and access to new features. Firewall software image upgrades can be completed with just a few clicks. Perform tasks in real time or schedule them at your convenience.

Smarter configuration management—Every change is documented and viewable in the change log. Roll back to a last known good configuration at any time.

Case study: Cisco Defense Orchestrator shrinks upgrade time from a full day to half an hour

An organization needed to upgrade the firmware on 40 Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) firewalls on their network. The network operations manager told us she usually had to set aside a full day, sometimes longer, to plan, deploy, and monitor the project. With Cisco Defense Orchestrator, she performed the upgrade in 30 minutes—and got back seven hours and 30 minutes of her time to devote to priority projects.

Supported platforms

Cisco Defense Orchestrator is built on an open platform that supports security policy management and configuration for:

     Cisco ASA 5500-X

     Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv)

     Cisco Firepower® Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

     Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)

     Cisco Meraki MX

Simplify, unify, orchestrate

Cisco Defense Orchestrator solves the most persistent challenges of managing security policies across your extended network of Cisco security devices. It can make your life easier because:

It’s simple. Cisco Defense Orchestrator streamlines security policy management and device management. Cloud based, it can be up and running and start bringing value to you and your business immediately.

It’s efficient. Spend up to 90% less time on repetitive security management tasks.

It’s effective. Cisco Defense Orchestrator helps you ensure that changes have been made and policies are consistent. It can’t control human error, but it can help remediate mistakes.

Cisco Defense Orchestrator seamlessly unifies policy and orchestrates changes. It strengthens security by improving consistency and reducing complexity.

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- Robin

Security Officer, Enterprise Telecommunications Service Provider

Next steps

Hundreds of customers in North America and Europe are using Cisco Defense Orchestrator today. Learn more about how it can help you simplify security policy management, improve your team’s efficiency, and strengthen your security.

Visit cisco.com/go/cdo or contact cdosales@ cisco.com to get started.









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