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Updated:February 15, 2021

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Updated:February 15, 2021


Product highlights

The Cisco® ESR6300 Embedded Series Router is a high-performance, ruggedized router designed for use in harsh environments, offering reliable operation in extreme temperatures and under shock and vibration conditions typical for mobile applications in rugged terrain. With onboard hardware encryption, the Cisco ESR6300 offloads encryption processing from the routing engine to provide highly secure yet scalable video, voice, and data services for mobile and embedded outdoor networks. The router offers high performance, six Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (two routed and four switched), and a rich Cisco IOS® XE Software feature set, providing investment protection for customers deploying bandwidth-intensive applications in mobile or embedded networks in heavy industrial, public safety, transportation, defense, and energy markets.

The Cisco ESR6300 is an embedded router module with a compact form factor of 3.0 by 3.775 in. (76.2 by 95.885 mm). This module may fit in an enclosure that was originally designed for PC/104 modules with some additional adaptation. The more compact design simplifies integration and enables the module to be used in a wide variety of embedded applications. The ESR6300 card is available with a custom-designed cooling plate, as well as without the cooling plate for systems integrators who want to design their own thermal solution. The card is designed as a replacement for the Cisco 5915 and 5940 Embedded Services Routers.

Cisco has an ecosystem of partners and systems integrators that embed Cisco ESR6300s into industry-standard, commercially available enclosures as well as custom enclosures tailored to the unique environments in which these routers are deployed. Figures 1 and 2 show the Cisco ESR6300 NCP (no cooling plate) and ESR6300 CON (conduction-cooled) models, respectively.

Cisco ESR6300 NCP (no cooling plate)

Figure 1.            

Cisco ESR6300 NCP (no cooling plate)

Cisco ESR6300 CON model (with cooling plate)

Figure 2.            

Cisco ESR6300 CON model (with cooling plate)

ESR6300: The next-generation Gigabit Ethernet embedded router

Figure 3.            

ESR6300: The next-generation Gigabit Ethernet embedded router

Product overview

Table 1.        Key features and benefits



Gigabit Ethernet interface support

The Cisco ESR6300 provides 2 routed and 4 switched high-speed Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, enabling the router to serve as an aggregation point for on-demand network connectivity in mobile or fixed deployments.

Onboard hardware acceleration

The onboard hardware encryption module offloads packet encryption and decryption from the routing engine to increase router performance.

Cisco trustworthy technologies

The onboard Trust Anchor module (TAm), along with image signing, Secure Boot, and runtime defenses, helps ensure that the code running on the ESR6300 hardware platform is authentic, unmodified, and operating as intended.

Storage capabilities

The third-party systems integrator has the option to add an mSATA that Cisco has specified to enhance Cisco IOx edge compute capabilities.

Power over Ethernet-ready architecture

To enable PoE or PoE+, the third-party systems integrator has the option to add a PoE/PoE+ controller based on Cisco’s specifications.

Flexible integration into solutions

The inclusive and compact design of the ESR6300 simplifies integration.

  Non-conduction-cooled and conduction-cooled models are available to satisfy diverse operational environments.
  Designed as a transitional replacement for the Cisco 5915 and 5940 Embedded Services Routers, the ESR6300 allows for accelerated time to market.

The router enables development of solutions that address size, weight, power, price, performance, and cooling requirements.


Enterprise-grade Cisco IOS XE routing and switching security features help ensure highly secure voice, video, and data communication.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express support

This application supports up to 48 phones for remote IP telephony on vehicles or in outdoor locations. It provides primary or backup telephony services for command-and-control communications.

Throughput tiers

Various throughput licenses are available:

  50-Mbps encrypted (Default license)
  250-Mbps encrypted (Performance license)
  350-Mbps encrypted (Boost license)

Ease of management

On-premises and cloud-based network management solutions cater to businesses across multiple industries. Tools such as Cisco DNA Center, Cisco IOx, and Cisco vManage* simplify deployment and offer broad cross-network management and the depth of multilayer visibility.

*vManage support will be available in future releases.

Product specifications

Table 2.        Hardware specifications




Default and maximum DRAM

4-GB DDR4 memory capacity (32-bit plus 4-bit ECC)

Default and maximum flash memory

4-GB usable (pSLC mode) eMMC flash

Physical characteristics

Physical dimensions (H x W)

3.0 x 3.775 in. (76.2 x 95.885 mm)

Power specifications

3.3V and 5V power inputs

Power consumption

At idle: 5W

Typical: 7.5W

Maximum: 12W

Interface support


  1 Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART) port, defaults to 9600 baud

Options for external interface:

  1 USB 2.0 port (requires USB/UART bridge)
  1 EIA-232 serial console port (requires EIA-232/UART transceiver)

USB host

1 USB 3.0 host port Type A (requires USB connector and 5V VBUS power switch)

WAN Gigabit Ethernet

2 Layer 3 GE WAN ports (requires magnetics and connector)

LAN Gigabit Ethernet

4 Layer 2 GE LAN ports (the module has an integrated Layer 2 switch that can be PoE/PoE+ enabled - requires magnetics, connector, and PoE controller)

Serial interface

  EIA-232 DTE serial port
  Support for asynchronous mode and flow control with data rate up to 921,600 baud

Storage module interface

  1 mSATA module interface (storage for Cisco IOx edge compute applications)

Input and output

ALARM input port (requires isolated dry contact open/closed detection circuit)

LED signals

SYS: System (green/yellow)

ALM: Alarm (red)

VPN: Virtual private network (green)

USB CONS: USB console (green)

SSD: Solid state drive, mSATA (green)

GE WAN: Link and activity (green)

SFP WAN: Link and activity (yellow)

GE LAN: Link and activity (green)

Environmental characteristics

Industrial-grade board component temperature

–40° to 85°C (–40° to 185°F) component local ambient temperature specification

Operating temperature

–40° to 85°C (–40° to 185°F) for conduction-cooled SKUs as measured at the center top surface of the heat spreader plate

Temperature range of a completed solution depends on the enclosure thermal design characteristics used by the systems integrator

Storage temperature

–40° to 85°C (–40° to 185°F)

Operating altitude

12,192 m (40,000 ft)

Nonoperating altitude

12,192 m (40,000 ft)

Nonoperating shock and vibration

MIL-STD-810, Method 514.4

IEC 68000-2-32

MIL-STD-810 F, Method 516.5, Procedure V Crash Hazard

(All shock and vibration is dependent on the packaging.)

Standard safety certifications

Information Technology Equipment:

UL/CSA 60950-1 UL Recognized Component

UL/CSA 62368-1 UL Recognized Component

CB report and certificate to IEC 60950-1 with all country deviations

CB report and certificate to IEC 62368-1 with all country deviations

Industry standards

  IEC 61850-3
  IEEE 1613

EMC emissions CLASS A

  47 CFR, Part 15:2016
  EN300 386:2012:V1.6.1
  QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT
  VCCI-CISPR 32:2016

EMC immunity

  EN300 386:2012:V1.6.1
  IEEE 1613.1:2013
  IEEE 1613:2009
  IEEE 1613a:2011
  TCVN 7317:2003

Table 3.        Software specifications



Cisco IOS Software requirements

  Cisco IOS XE Software: Universal Cisco IOS Software image
  Cisco IOS XE Software Release 17.1.1 or later

IPv4 and IPv6 services features

  Routing Information Protocol (RIP) v1 and v2
  Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) and Multipoint GRE (MGRE)
  Standard 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  Network Address Translation (NAT)
  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, relay, and client
  Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  DNS proxy
  DNS spoofing
  Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  IPv4 and IPv6 multicast
  IP Service-Level Agreement (IP SLA)
  Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) v2 and v3
  Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
  Virtual Route Forwarding (VRF) Lite
  Next-Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)
  Serial data encapsulation and relay
  Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) v3 over sub-interfaces and VLAN

Security features

Secure connectivity

  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN for secure remote access
  Hardware-accelerated encryption with minimal impact to system performance
  Next-Generation Encryption (NGE) and Quantum Computing Resistant (QCR) algorithms such as AES-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512
  Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) support
  20 IPsec tunnels
  Cisco Easy VPN Solution client and server
  NAT transparency
  Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN)
  Tunnel-less Group Encrypted Transport VPN
  IPsec stateful failover
  VRF-aware IPsec
  IPsec over IPv6

Cisco IOS Firewall

  Zone-based policy firewall
  VRF-aware stateful inspection routing firewall
  Stateful inspection transparent firewall
  Advanced application inspection and control
  Secure HTTP (HTTPS), FTP, and Telnet Authentication Proxy
  Dynamic and static port security
  Firewall stateful failover
  VRF-aware firewall

Integrated threat control

  Control-Plane Policing (CoPP)
  Flexible packet matching
  Network foundation protection

QoS features

  Provides traffic precedence to delay-sensitive and mission-critical services
  Facilitates low-latency routing of delay-sensitive industrial applications
  Supported on all LAN and WAN interfaces
  Low Latency Queuing (LLQ)
  Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)
  Class-Based WFQ (CBWFQ)
  Class-Based Traffic Shaping (CBTS)
  Class-Based Traffic Policing (CBTP)
  Policy-Based Routing (PBR)
  Class-Based QoS MIB
  Class of Service (CoS) to Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) mapping
  Class-Based Weighted Random Early Detection (CBWRED)
  Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)
  Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) header compression (cRTP)
  Differentiated Services (DiffServ)
  QoS pre-classify and pre-fragmentation
  Hierarchical QoS (HQoS)

IPv6 features

  IPv6 addressing architecture
  IPv6 unicast and multicast forwarding
  IPv6 ACLs
  IPv6 routing
  IPv6 domain name resolution

Software licensing

The Cisco ESR6300 offers two software tiers – Network Essentials and Network Advantage. The Network Essentials license offers the essential elements of routing and security necessary for typical IoT deployments. The Network Advantage license enables advanced features, including Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) for a highly scalable and cost-effective solution, mobile IP for seamless migration between networks, and application-aware QoS policies for built-in intelligence.

A single Cisco IOS XE universal image encompassing all functions is delivered with the product. Software feature licenses are preinstalled in the factory, depending on the selection made at the time of purchase, simplifying software delivery and decreasing the operational costs of the deployment. Licenses can be upgraded after deployment by going through the Cisco Smart License activation process.

Table 4.        Software licensing

Software Tiers


Network Essentials

  Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA), Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), ACLs, Cisco Configuration Professional, Cisco Discovery Protocol, Connectionless Network Service (CLNS), Cisco Networking Services, EIGRP, SNMP, MIB, raw sockets, Call Home, First-Hop Redundancy Protocol (FHRP), Hierarchical Queuing Framework (HQF), iEDGE, basic routing and multicast, NAT, Network Time Protocol (NTP), DHCP, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), basic OSPF and OSPFv3, QoS, RIP, HTTP, Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), STP, VLAN, VRF, 802.1X
  IPsec, crypto tunnels, FlexVPN, Internet Key Exchange (IKE) v2
  Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

Network Advantage

  AAA, ARP, ACL, Cisco Configuration Professional, Cisco Discovery Protocol, CLNS, Cisco Networking Services, EIGRP, SNMP, MIB, raw sockets, Call Home, FHRP, HQF, iEDGE, basic routing and multicast, NAT, NTP, DHCP, ICMP, IGMP, basic OSPF and OSPFv3, QoS, RIP, HTTP, HSRP, STP, VLAN, VRF, 802.1X
  IPsec, crypto tunnels, FlexVPN, IKE v2
  MPLS, BFD, RSVP, IP SLA, TCP optimization, App-aware QoS policies and troubleshooting
  Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
  Cisco DNA Center add-on license *

Only key features are highlighted above.

*Cisco DNA Center license will be added in the future.

Ordering information

The ESR6300 is a Smart License-enabled product. Cisco Smart Accounts and Virtual Accounts are required to order the product. For a more detailed overview on Cisco Licensing, go to

1.     ESR6300 board selection: Choose ESR6300 CON (conduction-cooled models) or ESR6300 NCP (no cooling plate).

2.     Mandatory purchase of one software tier/throughput license.

ESR6300 licensing and ordering

Figure 4.            

ESR6300 licensing and ordering

      HSEC license is mandatory if the Boost license is selected, and is automatically included.

      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express per-seat license is optional and is required if a customer wants to use Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

      Only key features under Network Essentials and Network Advantage are highlighted in Figure 4.

Table 5.        ESR6300 router

Product name

Part number

Cisco ESR6300 Embedded Series Router Cards


Cisco ESR6300 no cooling plate card with 2x Gigabit Ethernet routed ports and 4x Gigabit Ethernet switched ports


Cisco ESR6300 conduction cooled card with 2x Gigabit Ethernet routed ports and 4x Gigabit Ethernet switched ports


Table 6.        Performance tiers and software packages


Software tier



Network Essentials

Network Advantage

Default (50 Mbps)



Performance (250 Mbps)



Boost (350 Mbps)



Table 7.        Software option


Part number

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express – 1 seat


Table 8.        Boost license requirement

HSEC license

Part number

High-security license, required with Boost license


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