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Cisco Webex Calling (formerly Cisco Spark Call) Data Sheet

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Updated:October 6, 2020

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Updated:October 6, 2020


Cloud calling without the headaches

Cisco Webex® Calling (formerly Cisco Spark Call) is your phone system in the cloud. All the business-class calling and collaboration essentials your organization needs, without the management complexities.

Product overview

Webex® Calling (formerly Cisco Spark Call) is a cloud-based phone system, part of the Cisco Webex suite of collaboration services. It is optimized for midsize businesses and provides the essential business calling capabilities you are likely to need. With Webex Calling, there’s no need to worry about the expense and complexity of managing phone system infrastructure on your premises anymore. We take care of the Webex® Cloud so you can focus on what matters most.

You can choose from a wide range of Cisco® IP phones to make and receive calls. Enjoy the calling features you are used to from a traditional phone system to help run your organization smoothly and never miss a call. If you are a mobile worker, or you are out of the office, make and receive calls on your smartphone, computer, or tablet, using the Cisco Webex Teams app.

Webex Calling (formerly Cisco Spark Call) seamlessly integrates with Webex Teams and Webex Meetings, so you can take collaboration inside and outside your organization to a new level. Your staff, customers, and business partners can make high-definition audio and video calls from the office, from home, or on the go. You can share screens, files, and messages, and can also whiteboard, to turn any call into a productive meeting. You can also add Cisco Webex Board, Room, or desk devices to help you get the most out of Webex Teams and Meetings and improve teamwork.

Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) features and benefits

Simpler, intuitive communication and collaboration through your organization.



Phones for every user and office location

Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) supports a wide range of Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series for any job role and office location: in the main office, in a branch, in public areas, in a conference room, or in your home office. All connected together by the Webex Calling service.

Comprehensive Private Branch Exchange (PBX) capabilities for business calling

Welcome callers to your organization with a virtual receptionist, hunt and pickup groups, shared lines, and/or personalized voice mailboxes. Make calls with extension numbers, direct-inward-dial numbers, URIs (email-style addresses), or directory-based dialing. Enjoy mid-call features, including hold with music, resume, forward, and transfer.

Enhanced communication and collaboration for mobile devices

Webex Calling enables you to make and receive calls on your laptop and mobile devices wherever you are by using the Webex Teams app. With the Webex Teams app you can further enhance communication with a rich set of messaging, screen and file sharing, and meetings capabilities.

Security and encryption

Secure your communications and protect your business from threats. Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) encrypts phone registration, activation, call signaling, and audio and video streams, as well as voicemail. Even the management is secure, because all administrative and end-user interfaces are encrypted.

Simple cloud management

Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) is simple and intuitive to provision, manage, and use. We take care of the Webex Cloud so you can focus on running your business. The Webex Control Hub provides a simple interface for IT to make changes, and a self-care portal means users can handle basic settings and preferences for themselves.

Unlike other cloud phone systems from other vendors, with Cisco Webex you can do much more.

Redefine business calling in your organization with the complete Webex suite of applications, including Webex Calling, Meetings, and Teams.

Cloud phone systems

Webex Meetings helps you forget about technology, so you can focus on having productive meetings. Joining meetings is a breeze for everyone, no matter how they connect, even for guests. Audio and video are crystal clear and screen sharing super simple. Meet from anywhere using an app on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Or join with a group of colleagues using a Webex Room Series device. Need a recording? That’s simple too, with just a single click to record.

Webex Teams enables continuous teamwork. Bring people together from across organizations in a space to share messages and files securely. Escalate to or schedule a follow-up meeting to dive deeper, share ideas, and co-create with interactive whiteboard and annotation, and make decisions as a team. After the meeting, keep the conversation going in the same team space, iterating until you’ve achieved your objective.

Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) supports a wide range of Cisco IP phones

Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call)

Choose from a broad selection of phones for all types of users and situations. The phones are available in charcoal and white to suit any office environment. You must purchase phones separately from the Webex Calling monthly per-user service, and the phones require the Webex Calling phone OS. Finally, anyone can set up the phone. All you need to do is plug it in and enter a registration code, and the phone registers itself.

Product family

Models supported


Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series

7811, 7821, 7832, 7841, 7861

Affordable single-line and multiline models for everyday usage for your knowledge workers, conference rooms, shared spaces, and lobby areas.

(Note that the Cisco IP Phone 7811 is available only in charcoal.)

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series

8845, 8865

HD video calling models with color LCD displays and Gigabit Ethernet. Ideal for onsite and remote knowledge workers, administrative staff, and managers. Options include Wi-Fi, integrated Bluetooth and USB models.

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series Multiplatform Phones

8811, 8841, 8851, 8861

Ideal for onsite and remote knowledge workers, administrative staff, and managers. Options include color LCD displays, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, integrated Bluetooth and USB models.

(Note that Multiplatform Phones require software conversion before use. For further details about this and earlier Enterprise phone support see Field Notice FN 70546)

Cisco® ATA 190 Series Analog Telephone Adapter


The ATA 190-SC-K9 is a handset-to-Ethernet adapter that runs one traditional telephone device into the Cisco Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) service. With one port, it supports analog voice and fax devices as well as analog paging systems.

PSTN services

PSTN services -

Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) does not include public switched telephone network (PSTN) services. When you order Webex Calling, you also purchase PSTN services from one of the PSTN preferred service provider partners listed below. These partners provide PSTN local, long-distance, and Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) services.

They also provide emergency dialing services. Without access to a PSTN, E911 calls will not be routed to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), which is based on location information associated with the PSTN. You must purchase PSTN services in conjunction with your Webex Calling purchase in order to access the appropriate PSAP in an emergency.



Intelepeer (USA)

PSTN voice services fully integrated with Cisco Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) for a complete business calling solution.

Visit Intelepeer

West UC (USA)

MaxxConnect from West UC provides PSTN connectivity, long-distance, and DID services for Cisco Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) customers.

Visit West UC

ThinkTel (Canada)

As the first PSTN provider for Cisco Webex in Canada, ThinkTel voice services are directly integrated with Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call), delivering effective collaboration through seamless integration for employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Visit ThinkTel


Subscribe once and deploy the way you want with the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan. Get cloud, on-premises, and hosted collaboration as a per-user-based subscription. Mix and match among services as your business evolves.

      For more details, connect with a Cisco partner.

      Partners can refer to the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Ordering Guide for more details.

Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) features

Essential Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) Features

HD video and audio calls

Make and receive HD video and audio calls through the Cisco Webex Teams app or Cisco IP phones registered to the Webex Calling service, and supported by the HD-efficient Opus codec.

Devices and lines

The service supports up to 10 devices per user and up to 8 simultaneous calls per line. Configure a single phone or extension number for multiple users. Prioritize a specific line to always be used when going off-hook.

Standard PBX features

Directory-based dialing, resume, forward, shared lines, call paging, three-way calling, favorite personal contacts, speed dials, do not disturb, caller ID, and call transfer, all available on IP phones.

Call pickup

Answer the call ringing on your colleague’s phone or client.

Call barge

Join a call that is in progress on a shared line you are member of. Ideal for assistants and supervisors. With privacy support.

Hunt groups

Configure a collection of telephone numbers to ring in a specific order. Fall-back alternate destination available in case of outages. Monitor your login status through a line key.

Call park

Park active calls in a call park extension, so they can be retrieved by another device or user.

Speed dials with status monitoring

Configure speed dials in your Webex Calling registered IP phone. If you’re calling a Webex Teams user, the line status is shown in the line key. (Note: Busy Lamp Field status information is supported only with Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series phones.)

Call hold with music and video

Let callers hear and watch customizable music and video while waiting for you.

Ad hoc conferencing

Initiate an unscheduled audio or video call with up to two other parties.


You can receive voicemails in your personal voice mailbox or in your email. Your voicemail follows you so you can listen and respond promptly from any phone. Receive an email with the audio file as an attachment. Get voicemail notifications in the Webex Teams app.

Message-Waiting Indicator (MWI)

MWI notifies you when you have an unheard voicemail in your personal voice mailbox. Also receive notifications in the Webex Teams app.

Transfers to voicemail

Transfer to voicemail allows you to dial or transfer a call directly to someone’s voicemail. Simply dial*, followed by their extension number.

Auto-answer on IP phone

Your phone line will answer automatically (touchless). Ideal for intercom use.

Overhead call paging

Extend paging notifications to a public speaker/announcement system via an analog telephone adapter.


Simple, secure cloud management

Webex Control Hub

Webex Control Hub is the place you go to manage all your Webex services. It features intuitive menus that make it a breeze to administer your services on a day-to-day basis. Synchronize users with your company directory or upload, add, or modify users manually. Check licenses and assign devices and services to users. Configure your Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) dial plan and voicemail, and set up calling features using a simple graphical user interface.

End-user self-care portal: settings.webex.com

Customize your own phone settings; generate codes for device activation; and personalize Do Not Disturb (DND), Single Number Reach (SNR), and call forwarding without the need for support from IT.

Security and encryption

Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) encrypts phone registration, activation, call signaling, and its audio and video streams, as well as voicemail. Even the management is secure because all administrative and end-user interfaces are encrypted.

Dialing restrictions

Enable administrators to allow national, premium, or international dialing on a per-user or company basis.

Emergency dialing (911)

Dial 911 to contact emergency services provided by the PSTN service provider.* Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) currently supports setting a service address per PSTN telephone number.


Essential collaboration and mobility

Single Number Reach (SNR)

Have your Cisco IP Phone extension automatically and simultaneously ring any other phone or even multiple phones of your choosing. If the call is not answered, Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) routes the call back to the Webex Calling voicemail, not to the voicemail of the remote device, so that the caller can leave a message. This feature is great when you work from home and prefer to use your home or other analog phone instead of your mobile device.

One button to join meetings

Join a Webex meeting using your Webex Teams client with the click of a single button (requires Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service).

iOS integrations

The Webex Teams app for Apple iOS 10 allows for tighter integration with your mobile phone. Placing or answering a Webex call in your Apple iPhone has never been easier, even when you are engaged on another call.

*Note that Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) does not include PSTN services. You can purchase these services, which include local, long-distance, and DID services, from a Cisco preferred media partner. See the PSTN services section above.

System requirements

Because Webex Calling (formerly Spark Call) is your phone system in the cloud, you need only a few basic things in place to enjoy a successful deployment and enable business-class calling and collaboration for your organization:

Internet access

Internet access with DNS is required for phones to be registered and be activated.

Firewall settings

Most organizations deploy an internet firewall, or internet proxy and firewall, to restrict and control the traffic that leaves and enters their network. To enable access to the Webex Calling service and Webex Teams services from your network see: Network Requirements for Webex Teams Services.

Bandwidth requirements

Each device in a video call requires up to 2 Mbps in each direction, and each device in an audio call requires 92 kbps in each direction. Phones at idle need minimal bandwidth.


Ethernet or Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac network. 5 GHz is recommended for wireless to reduce interference.


Power supplies or PoE switch to power any IP phones you deploy. Consult the documentation for the IP phone models you choose for more details.

PSTN services

In order to make and/or receive calls from the PSTN, you need PSTN services from one of our preferred media partners. See the PSTN services section above.

Ordering information

      Webex Calling is available for billing addresses in the United States or Canada. To place an order or find more information, please visit webex.com or contact a Cisco partner. A broad range of offers is available on a per-user per-month subscription basis.

      PSTN services, Cisco Webex devices, and Cisco IP phones are sold separately. Refer to the relevant sections above to find out more about these endpoints and services.

      Outside of the United States and Canada, or if yours is a large enterprise, you can use your existing Cisco Unified Communications system and connect it to the Webex Cloud for a comprehensive calling, meetings, and team collaboration solution. Integrate Cisco Webex with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Business Edition 6000 or 7000, or Cisco Powered™ cloud services from a certified Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (Cisco HCS) partner using Cisco Webex Hybrid Services.

Cisco and Partner Services

Achieve your organization's vision for collaboration

Cisco Collaboration Services connect culture, process, and technology to bring the collaboration experience to life. Our advisory, implementation, and optimization services work across a range of solutions—for calling, meetings, messaging, and customer care. See how we can help you get more business value from your collaboration investments.

Learn more about services for collaboration.

Cisco Capital

Flexible payment solutions to help you achieve your objectives

Cisco Capital makes it easier to get the right technology to achieve your objectives, enable business transformation and help you stay competitive. We can help you reduce the total cost of ownership, conserve capital, and accelerate growth. In more than 100 countries, our flexible payment solutions can help you acquire hardware, software, services and complementary third-party equipment in easy, predictable payments. Learn more.


Say hello to easy management and goodbye to infrastructure

Bring innovative experiences to your organization. Start planning your migration to Webex Calling and collaboration services today.

Visit webex.com and connect with a Cisco partner to find out more about how Cisco Webex Calling can simplify business communication for your organization.

Learn more