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CX Services for Intersight Application Onboarding At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:April 18, 2022

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Updated:April 18, 2022

Table of Contents



You’ve made the move out of the digital journey competitive pack and are shifting into passing gear. You’re ready to turbo-charge your digital transformation with the Cisco Intersight world-class cloud operations platform to deliver intelligent visualization, optimization, and orchestration for applications and infrastructure. Now, it is time to determine where to place your applications and workloads.

But this is not as easy as it may seem.

According to Gartner, “Workload placement is not only about moving to the cloud, it is about creating a baseline for infrastructure strategy based on workloads rather than physical data centers.”[1] This means that you need to rethink your enterprise infrastructure strategies and the effect they have on your data centers when implementing your Intersight solution. Does your team have the IT skillsets you need?

You need expertise to help you successfully onboard Intersight data center applications, aligned with your requirements as part of a larger infrastructure strategy. Our experts will implement the Intersight platform and the Intersight application(s) of your choice: Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS), Intersight Service for Terraform (IST), Intersight Workflow Optimization (IWO), or Intersight Managed Mode (IMM).

Trust the experts at Cisco® Customer Experience (CX) to help you put the pedal to the metal with our CX Services for Intersight Application Onboarding—and keep you out front with a clear road ahead.


     Realize the full value of your investments as you navigate complex transformation projects and adopt new technologies

     Speed onboarding of Cisco Intersight applications with expert guidance

     Reduce risk and see faster time to value as you confidently adopt Cisco Intersight applications

     Accelerate your success by connecting with the right expertise and insights, at the right time

     Gain expertise across the IT lifecycle, at every step

How can Cisco CX help?

To speed your onboarding of Cisco Intersight applications, Cisco CX offers a variety of services and capabilities to help you realize the full value of your investments as you navigate complex transformation projects and adopt new technologies.

Cisco CX can assist you with complex IT projects and emerging technologies and enable your teams with the skills and talent needed to be successful at every step of your digital journey. Our expert guidance works to eliminate points of failure through careful design and best practices.

With our implementation services for Intersight Application Onboarding, our experts help you set up your Intersight account in SaaS or deploy the Intersight Virtual Appliance (Connected/Private/Assist). We also create users and roles required for role-based access control for Intersight in your organization, and we apply a smart license token to the Intersight account for Essentials-level functionality.

We also provide consulting on architecture, design, validation, integration, and more to help you confidently adopt the solution with less risk. Knowledge transfers will help you accelerate solution value and maintain it over time. These capabilities are discussed in more detail below.

Intersight Application Onboarding (with IKS)

This design and deployment service includes prerequisites validation, deployment, configuration, and validation of one IKS application tenant cluster on Cisco UCS®/HyperFlex servers for one data center. Our experts cluster up to three master and three worker nodes and deploy one Kubernetes profile with pools, policies, and standard add-ons. Service deliverables include but are not limited to:

     Assessment Workshop

     Environment Validation

     IKS Onboarding on Intersight

     Production Support

     Testing and Validation

     Knowledge Transfer

Intersight Application Onboarding (with IST)

We install the Terraform Cloud agent on Intersight Assist and set up the IST application on up to two workspaces. Additionally, we deploy Terraform plans for up to one use case, either via on-premises VM deployment or standalone UCS server provisioning. Service deliverables include but are not limited to:

     Assessment Workshop

     Project Kickoff

     Prerequisites Checklist

     Environment Validation

     Enablement and Configuration of IST

     Deployment of Terraform Plans

     Test Plan Validation

     Knowledge Transfer

Intersight Application Onboarding (with IWO)

Our experts onboard (claim) servers in Intersight, via either one UCS Manager domain of up to eight blade servers or one existing HyperFlex cluster, or up to one UCS standalone server, and we create a logical structure and naming convention standard within Intersight. This service also includes the creation, deployment, and configuration of server profiles and policies, adding of targets in IWO, custom group creation, dashboard configuration, baseline health check, and our expert recommendations. To further empower your team, our experts deliver knowledge transfer to your team to provide an overview of Intersight features, including dashboard, monitoring, connected Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), licensing, and policy. Service deliverables include but are not limited to:

     Assessment Workshop

     Customer Environment Review

     Project Kickoff

     Prerequisites Checklist

     Server Onboarding

     Knowledge Transfer

Intersight Application Onboarding (with IMM)

This service will help you transition to the Intersight platform management capabilities in both greenfield and brownfield deployments. This service supports one UCS domain with up to one UCS or X-Series Chassis and up to eight servers. The service kicks off with an Assessment Workshop reviewing the existing UCS Manager (USCM) Configuration. Our experts perform a firmware upgrade on fabric interconnect, chassis, and servers; back up UCSM Full Configuration and export UCSM All Configuration; set up UCSPE Emulator; and restore UCSM All Configuration. We configure IMM in your Intersight environment, with service deliverables that include but are not limited to:

     Assessment Workshop

     Project Kickoff

     Prerequisites Checklist

     Device Onboarding

     Testing and Validation

     As-Built Documentation

     Knowledge Transfer

Use case-based services

Use case-based services are also available to meet your specific business needs for cloud use cases. These include:

     Cloud reclamation and recovery

     Demand-driven rightsizing

     Enhanced workload placement

     Health and value check

     Host licensing optimization

     On-premises to on-premises migration

     On-premises to on-premises migration

     Optimization of public cloud

     Resource reclamation and recovery

     Custom integrations

     Cloud-native Kubernetes

     IWO business impact report

Custom engagements

Custom engagements are available to meet your unique requirements. Any custom services follow Cisco CX best practices for:

     Increased scale of targets and workloads

     Integration with multicloud solutions

     Enhanced reporting


Service portfolio options

There are multiple ways to access Intersight services and capabilities. Leverage the services portfolio that best fits your business model and the outcomes you desire.

Business Critical Services

To help customers successfully navigate their digital journey, we offer uniquely tailored engagement models through our subscription-based advisory services that serve specific needs at each and every stage. Cisco Business Critical Services provide you with analytics-driven, expert guidance across the IT lifecycle to build modernized IT environments, accelerate digital agility, and foster innovation to move your business forward.

Success Track for Data Center Compute

Our newest service offer, Success Track for Data Center Compute, is designed to accelerate your success as we help you maximize the benefits of your technology investments. We do this by connecting you with the right expertise, insights, learning, and support, at the right time, through a digital experience via the CX Cloud.

Take full advantage of your Cisco computing solutions, including Intersight, UCS, and HyperFlex, with webinar session topics tailored to help you from onboarding through optimization. Contact your local account manager for more information.

Advanced Services

For project-based needs, Cisco CX experts work with you to plan, design, and put into action your technology transformations to meet your specific business requirements.

Learn more

Our selection of tailored services will help you quickly and safely implement your Intersight solution while aligning with your specific needs. Reap the full potential of Intersight with Cisco CX Services.

For more information, visit Cisco CX Services for Cloud online, or:

     Visit Intersight Handbook Guide

     Schedule a demo (available on dCloud).

     Engage TSAs for a demo or 1:1 demo to get to know Intersight.

     Initiate a trial from Intersight.com.

     View “Getting Started Guide.”

     Schedule a proof-of-value discussion.

     Join the Intersight Webex Teams room for questions and discussions.

     Reach out to intersight-activation-help@cisco.com for questions.




[1] Gartner, 2020

Learn more