Deploying IPv6 in Unified Communications Networks with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
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Revised: June 08, 2010; OL-19142-02


All Cisco applications that can terminate voice media support IPv4 only. For these applications, if a call is extended from an IPv6-only device to the IPv4-only application, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) inserts a media termination point (MTP) to convert the voice media from IPv6 to IPv4, as shown in Figure 11-1.

Figure 11-1 MTP Inserted for Conversion Between IPv6 and IPv4


Cisco Unity, Cisco Unity Connection, and Cisco Unity Express support IPv4 only.

Cisco MeetingPlace

Cisco Meeting Place and Cisco Meeting Place Express support IPv4 only.

LDAP Directory Integration

Unified CM supports only IPv4 with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Native Unified CM Applications

Extension Mobility, IP Phones Services, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Assistant, Cisco Unified Communications Attendant Console, and WebDialer support IPv4 only.

Device Mobility

Device Mobility is supported only for IPv4 and dual-stack devices. Currently, Unified CM Device Mobility does not support the configuration of IPv6 subnets.

Cisco Unified Presence

Cisco Unified Presence Server, Cisco Unified Presence Client, and Cisco IP Phone Messenger support IPv4 only.

Cisco Unified Mobility Applications

Mobility applications do not support IPv6; only IPv4 is supported.