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Go Beyond Simple Video

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Go Beyond Simple Video

Personalized Sales and Service On-Demand

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your financial services advisors so you can capture customer business at first contact and provide the personalized service the customer desires.

Cisco Remote Expert Smart Solution for Retail Banking enables virtual face-to-face meetings with high-definition video. Now you can easily connect remote specialty lending, wealth management, and other types of banking advisors with customers at any bank branch in real time.

With the solution you can:

  • Deliver an engaging experience for your customers
  • Expand accessibility to more experts
  • Scale expertise and drive productivity of financial experts
  • Simplify use for both customers and experts
  • Map into retail banking workflows for mortgage lending, wealth management, and other services

Meet Customer Expectations

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Remote Expert Poster

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Remote Expert Poster

Remote Expert Poster

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Transform customer interaction for your business with the Cisco Remote Expert solution.