Cisco Finance University

Missing real finance world?

Look beyond the theory and come to practice on our free workshops in Cisco office!

Missing real finance world?

Who we are?

We are experienced finance professionals, with a passion for all aspects of finance and the technology industry, which we want to share with you.

Who is the program for?

Cisco Finance University program presents practical, real work cases for those who want to be prepared for their first job. We will be happy to host 4th and 5th year students interested in a career in finance and technology.

What is the scope of program?

During 4 sessions we will present 7 workshops on different aspects of a finance function. All of them are based on our daily responsibilities and will be presented in English.

7 December 2017; 10:00 a.m

1. How to buy without money?
2. Non Standard deals

7 March 2018; 10:00 a.m.

3. Sales Deal structuring. Control of revenue impact.
4. Controlling finance in sales organization

19 April 2018; 10:00 a.m

5. Discover significance and get inspired by accounting and reporting at Cisco!
6. Corporate Taxation Demystified

7 June 2018; 10:00 a.m.

7. Financial storytelling
8. Early Career Network

What is there for you?

You will get a unique experience in our office, exposure to our technology, obtain knowledge on aspects of a operating finance function, which can help you to choose your future career path.  At Cisco, we have a full suite of financial professionals including: Finance Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Revenue, Tax, Sales Finance, Commercial Finance and Financial Services.  You’ll get broad exposure to help you understand the complete career path within Finance. You will also have opportunity to meet passionate professionals who have unique backgrounds and experiences to help you prepare for your entrance into your career.

Participation in at least 3 sessions will end with Cisco Finance University certificate.

Why are we excited to meet you?

Cisco is a diverse and exciting company focused on transformation and innovation.  You’ll bring your creative energy to us sparking new ideas and helping us to foster that new idea engine (yes even in Finance!)

What is the cost of the program?

Workshops are delivered in Krakow office and cost of your participation is covered by Cisco.

How to apply?

Please enter and submit survey to tell us more about you. Deadline for submissions is November 27, 2017. We will contact chosen candidates on the first week of December.

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