CSR Priorities

CSR Priorities

Our take on responsible business

At Cisco, we believe more than ever that what’s good for the world is good for business. Our success depends on our people feeling inspired by their jobs and fulfilled in their careers. Our future is brighter when more people join the digital economy and prosper. And we know that to sustain our success we must protect our greatest resource: the planet.

How we prioritize



People can reach their potential when they’re inspired and given the right opportunity



Society is stronger when everyone participates in and benefits from the digital economy



We have an obligation to future generations to manage our natural resources responsibly

It’s about getting jobs and changing lives

We’re enabling people to thrive in a digital economy. Through our IT education and career building programs, we’re helping people launch careers, start businesses, and solve global problems.

Room to flourish

We give employees opportunities to grow professionally and contribute to Cisco’s mission to improve the world for everyone.

A place where people grow and give

Build a culture that values personal and professional growth, and people do what’s right. Cisco is consistently ranked one of the best places to work. That goodwill ripples outward as Cisco employees give back to their communities in time and money.

  • Best Company to Work for

    20 years on the Forbes “Best Companies to Work For” list

  • Cisco employee generosity

    36% of our employees donated or volunteered in fiscal year 2016

  • Teaching digital skills

    10,000+ institutions worldwide use our Cisco Networking Academy IT curriculum free of charge

Committed to the greater good

Respecting human rights and creating opportunity for everyone are core principles at Cisco. It’s how we do business. We promote diversity and are committed to building an inclusive workforce at all levels. We promote safe working conditions and ethical labor practices throughout our supply chain. And our support of nonprofits and social enterprises serves communities in need around the world.

Social empowerment

By investing in and developing scalable technology-based solutions, we enable nonprofits and social enterprises to create and sustain long-term positive social change.

Benefits to society

Charitable grants from Cisco benefit millions of people every year. And we make human rights a priority. In our fiscal year 2016, we made a difference to millions of people around the world. 

  • Our grants to nonprofits

    78 million people worldwide benefited from our grants to nonprofits in fiscal year 2016

  • Our contributions

    US$309 million in cash and in-kind contributions were made to community organizations

  • Number of employees

    25,000 Cisco employees worldwide completed human rights training

Protecting our planet

We’re minimizing our environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and supply chain, and extending the lifecycle of our products. 

Circular economy

We’ve launched initiatives at Cisco to minimize material waste. In a circular economy, products are not discarded after use. Instead, they are refurbished and reused to prolong their total lifespan.

Sustainable and energy efficient

We’re using renewable energy more and more to operate our business. And we’re designing and managing our products to last longer and use less energy. Our accomplishments in fiscal year 2016 included:

  • Our electricity in 2016

    77% of our global electricity use came from renewable sources

  • Energy efficient projects

    100+ energy efficient projects completed in our own operations

  • Cisco products

    12,000 metric tonne of products returned to Cisco for reuse, refurbishing, or recycling

"I truly believe that we are at our best when we combine our business strength with our desire to do good in the world."

Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO
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News and events

A big-hearted team

A big-hearted team

In 2016, Cisco employees raised more than US$7 million for 1,900 organizations worldwide.

Defending the vulnerable

Defending the vulnerable

Working with the American Bar Association to make it easier to report hate crimes.

Cisco’s sustainability

Cisco’s sustainability

We made great strides creating a more sustainable Cisco in 2016. And 2017 is off to a great start.