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The Cisco Gateway

A vibrant networking community for Cisco customers around the world.

What's in it for you?

Network with Cisco customers
Your direct gateway to Cisco product news
Exchange success stories, ideas, and best practices.
Grow your personal brand and professional network.
Become an industry thought leader.

Network, connect, learn: Explore the Gateway

Join thousands of your peers in the Gateway to build powerful connections and learn from top industry experts.

Faces of The Gateway

Get to know the people behind the technology.

Meet some of our most engaged customers in a video series that reaches beyond hardware and software use cases.

Wouter Hindriks with Missing Piece shares his earliest childhood dreams.

Jyrki Halonen with Tieto recalls his first encounter with a computer.

The Gateway has opened up Cisco for me in a totally new light. I have been working with Cisco products and with the Cisco team for many years and, finally, through the Gateway, I can say that I am involved with the vision and roadmap of what is coming. Thank you Gateway.

Jyrki Halonen, Lead Service Architect, Connectivity, Tieto, Finland

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